The Easiest And Funniest Hsk 1-2 Chinese Course

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The Easiest And Funniest Hsk 1-2 Chinese Course

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Fundamental knowledge of Chinese Mandarin

What you'll learn
Pinyin part introduce initials,finals,tones,syllabic structure.

The aims are to help students comprehensively understand and master the basics of pronunciation.
Grammar part are explained with notes. Many tables are used to demonstrate them to ensure the explanations to be concise,clear and easy to understand.
Exercise part is to consolidate student's vocabulary and grammar skills, the types of exercises include answering questions, Fill in the blank.
The cultural practice course mainly introduces Chinese cuisine and how to order dishes in a Chinese restaurant.
New bner.
Basic English Skill
This course package mainly covers all of HSK 1-2 courses, it is designed to pave the way for new bners in a easy and fun manner, with the aim of improving learners' internal motivation, eliminating their fear of difficulties and developing an interest in Chinese culture. Students are expected to master the most fundamental pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and sentences of The Chinese language.The course package includes 36 lessons: Lessons 1 and Lesson 2 focus on the pinyin system: Initials, Finals and Tones; From Lesson 3 to Lesson 15, we will learn the fundamental knowledge of HSK 1-2, including: greeting, polite expressions, eating and drinking, expression of date and location, etc. Every lesson will start with an independent topic, through which we will learn related new words, grammar and texts, and finish the exercises. Lesson 16 is a culture lesson. From which we learn how to order food in a Chinese restaurant. This lesson is highly welcomed by students. Finally, lesson 17 Radicals and lesson 18 Affixes. These two lessons will help students memorize Chinese vocabulary quickly and effectively. In addition, this course pack provides 5 attachments, including: textbook, textbook audio, workbook, workbook audio, and 34 mock test papers of HSK 1.For the new bners, this is their entry-level Chinese learning material. We expect to make Chinese easier to learn,so that student could study the language happily, effortlessly and efficiently. Upon finishing this course package, student can check their language abilities and proficiency using the HSK 1-2 test. We hope this course package can help every student have a good start and make further progress in their Chinese learning.


Section 1: HSK 1 Unit 1

Lecture 1 Preview sample01

Lecture 2 Preview sample02

Lecture 3 Lesson01 Hello 你好

Lecture 4 Lesson02 Thank you 谢谢你

Lecture 5 Lesson03 What is your name 你叫什么名字

Section 2: HSK 1 Unit 2

Lecture 6 Preview sample03

Lecture 7 Lesson04 She is my Chinese teacher 她是我的汉语老师

Lecture 8 Lesson05 Her daughter is 20 years old this year 她女儿今年20岁

Lecture 9 Lesson06 I can speak Chinese 我会说汉语

Section 3: HSK 1 Unit 3

Lecture 10 Preview sample04

Lecture 11 Lesson07 What is the date today 今天几号

Lecture 12 Lesson08 I'd like some tea 我想喝茶

Lecture 13 Lesson09 Where does your son work 你儿子在哪儿工作

Section 4: HSK 1 Unit 4

Lecture 14 Preview sample05

Lecture 15 Lesson10 Can I sit here 我能坐这儿吗

Lecture 16 Lesson11 What's the now 现在几点

Lecture 17 Lesson12 What will the weather be like tomorrow 明天天气怎么样

Section 5: HSK 1 Unit 5

Lecture 18 Lesson13 He is learning to cook Chinese food 他在学做中国菜呢

Lecture 19 Lesson14 She has bought quite a few clothes 她买了不少衣服

Lecture 20 Lesson15 I came here by air 我是坐飞机来的

Section 6: HSK 1 Unit 6

Lecture 21 Preview sample06

Lecture 22 Lesson16 Ordering dishes 点菜

Lecture 23 Lesson17 Radical 偏旁

Lecture 24 Lesson18 Affix 词缀

Section 7: HSK 2 Unit 1

Lecture 25 第01课 九月去北京旅游最好

Lecture 26 第02课 我每天六点起床

Lecture 27 第03课 左边那个红色的是我的

Section 8: HSK 2 Unit 2

Lecture 28 第04课 这个工作是他帮我介绍的

Lecture 29 第05课 就买这件吧

Lecture 30 第06课 你怎么不吃了

Section 9: HSK 2 Unit 3

Lecture 31 第07课 你家离公司远吗

Lecture 32 第08课 让我想想再告诉你

Lecture 33 第09课 题太多,我没做完

Section 10: HSK 2 Unit 4

Lecture 34 第10课 别找了,手机在桌子上呢

Lecture 35 第11课 他比我大三岁

Lecture 36 第12课 你穿得太少了

Section 11: HSK 2 Unit 5

Lecture 37 第13课 门开着呢

Lecture 38 第14课 你看过那个电影吗

Lecture 39 第15课 新年就要到了

Section 12: HSK 2 Unit 6

Lecture 40 第16课 Culture lesson Mahjong 麻将

Lecture 41 第17课 Affix and separable word 词缀和离合词

Lecture 42 第18课 HSK2 Mock Exam 模拟考试

Elementary Chinese learner.,New bner.,HSK test examinee,Traveler or Business Person,Non-Chinese major students


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