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Using Sap Transportation Management Optimizer In S4 Hana

Using Sap Transportation Management Optimizer In S4 Hana
Using Sap Transportation Management Optimizer In S4 Hana

Published 2/2024
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Transform Your Supply Chain with the Power of SAP TM Optimizer

What you’ll learn
Understanding of SAP TM and Its Optimizer
Master Data Management for the Optimizer
Planning Profiles and Configuration
Operational Use of the Optimizer in Real Business Scenarios
Optimizer Configuration Skills
Scenario-Based Learning
Translating Business Requirements into SAP TM Configurations

Some knowledge to SAP TM would be advantages

Learning SAP Transportation Management (TM) Optimizer in S4 HANA: Your Path to ExcellenceWelcome to a unique and specialized course designed to elevate your skills in one of the most sought-after areas in modern supply chain management the SAP Transportation Management (TM) Optimizer in S4 HANA. In an era where efficient, cost-effective logistics are the cornerstone of successful businesses, mastering the SAP TM Optimizer is not just an advantage; it’s essential.Why the SAP TM OptimizerWith companies increasingly transforming their complex supply chains, SAP TM stands out as a pivotal tool for managing these changes. The Optimizer, often regarded as the "secret sauce" of SAP TM, is the key to unlocking unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in transportation logistics. It’s not just about understanding SAP TM; it’s about mastering its most powerful component.Course Overview:This course is unique in the market, focusing exclusively on the SAP TM Optimizer. It’s designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of how to leverage this tool to its fullest potential. From mastering the necessary master data to exploring advanced planning profiles and configurations, this course covers everything you need to become an SAP TM Optimizer expert.What You Will Learn:Master Data for the Optimizer: Understand the critical data elements required for the Optimizer to function effectively.Planning Profiles and Configuration: Delve into the configurations that make the Optimizer a powerful tool for transportation planning.Real Business Case Scenarios: Learn through hands-on demonstrations how the Optimizer works in real-world situations.Business Process Application:Explore various scenarios on how to effectively use the Optimizer in your business processes.Optimizer Configuration: Gain expertise in configuring the Optimizer to meet specific business requirements.By the end of this course, you will be proficient in using the SAP TM Optimizer, capable of translating complex business needs into effective SAP TM configurations and executing transactions with precision and confidence.Who is this course forSupply chain and logistics professionals aiming to enhance their expertise in transportation management.SAP users and consultants seeking specialized knowledge in the SAP TM Optimizer.Business analysts and project managers involved in supply chain optimization projects.Exclusive Focus on the Optimizer:This course stands out for its exclusive focus on the SAP TM Optimizer. It’s a deep dive into the tool that revolutionizes transportation management, providing you with a competitive edge in the industry.Enroll now and position yourself at the forefront of supply chain innovation. Be among the select few who master the intricacies of the SAP TM Optimizer in S4 HANA.Embark on Your Journey to Mastery:Seize this opportunity to become a leading expert in SAP Transportation Management Optimizer. Enroll today and transform your understanding of supply chain logistics with this specialized, market-leading course.Transform your career with SAP TM Optimizer expertise. Your path to becoming a sought-after expert in SAP TM Optimizer starts here. Enroll today and take the first step towards transforming the world of transportation management.

Section 1: Introduction To The Course

Lecture 1 Introduction To The Course

Section 2: Maximise Your learning

Lecture 2 How To Maximise Your Learning Journey

Lecture 3 Planning The Learning Journey

Lecture 4 Getting Access To SAP

Lecture 5 Getting Familiar With the System

Section 3: Introduction To SAP Transportation Management S4HANA

Lecture 6 Technical Introduction To S4 HANA And TM

Lecture 7 Technical Details In S4HANA

Section 4: Introduction to TM Optimiser

Lecture 8 Introduction to SAP TM Optimiser

Lecture 9 What Is Function Of The TM Optimiser

Section 5: Fiori GUI

Lecture 10 Fiori Roles

Lecture 11 Fiori Introduction And Setup Part 1

Lecture 12 19.2 Fiori Introduction And Setup Part 2

Section 6: Building The Scenario

Lecture 13 Building The Scenarios For The Optimiser Part 1

Lecture 14 Building The Scenarios For The Optimiser Part 2

Section 7: Transportation Cockpit

Lecture 15 Transportation Cockpit Selection – Why It Is Important

Lecture 16 TM Transportation Cockpit Overview

Lecture 17 Introduction To The Transportation Cockpit

Lecture 18 TM Cockpit Page Layout Setup SAP Part 1

Lecture 19 TM Cockpit Page Layout Setup SAP Part 2

Lecture 20 TM Cockpit Selections Parameters Part 1

Lecture 21 TM Cockpit Selections Parameters Part 2

Lecture 22 TM Cockpit Freight Order Create

Section 8: TM Master Data for Optimiser

Lecture 23 Transportation Lane Core Concept

Lecture 24 Transportation Lane Core Concept Multilane

Lecture 25 Transport Lane Options, Allocation And Continuous Move – Core Concept

Lecture 26 Transport Lane Demonstration

Lecture 27 Transport Lane Demonstration-Multileg

Lecture 28 Transshipment Locations Core Concept And Demonstration

Lecture 29 Transport Zone Core Concept

Lecture 30 Transportation Zone demonstration

Lecture 31 Allocation, Business Share And Trade Lane Theory And Demonstration Part 1

Lecture 32 Allocation, Business Share And Trade Lane Theory And Demonstration P2

Lecture 33 Default Route Core Concept

Lecture 34 Default Route Demonstration

Lecture 35 SAP Times And Time Windows

Lecture 36 Optimiser Cost Calculation – Core Concept

Lecture 37 TM SAP transportation Lane Cost

Lecture 38 TM Using the Lane Cost – Example Calculation

Section 9: Transportation Management Optimiser

Lecture 39 Introduction to the TM Optimiser and Scenario

Lecture 40 Truck load Optimisation Core Concept.

Lecture 41 5.2-What is an Optimiser Engine

Lecture 42 Optimiser – Planning Profile Optimiser Part 1

Lecture 43 Optimiser – Planning Profile Optimiser Part 2

Lecture 44 Optimiser Setting – Default Document Selections And Load Options

Lecture 45 Optimiser – Scheduling Setting and Demonstration

Lecture 46 Optimiser Using The Cost Calculator

Lecture 47 Optimiser Carrier Selection Settings

Section 10: Setting Up The Optimiser

Lecture 48 6.1-Checking the Optimers RFC Connections

Lecture 49 6.2-Setting up the optimisation screens Part 1

Lecture 50 6.2-Setting up the optimisation screens Part 2

Lecture 51 Running Your First Optimisation And Looking At The Results

Lecture 52 Optimisation How To Executed, Background Job

Section 11: Running The Optimiser – Scenarios

Lecture 53 7.1- Optimisation Single Sales Order

Lecture 54 Optimisation Single Sales Order – Different MOT Capacity

Lecture 55 Optimisation Multiple Sales Order Single Customer – Using the Cost

Lecture 56 Optimisation Multiple Sales Order Single Customer Delivery Window

Lecture 57 Optimisation Multiple Sales Order And Different Customer

Lecture 58 Optimisation For A Multistage Freight Unit

Lecture 59 Optimisation For A Multistage Freight Unit With Multiple MOT – Airport

Lecture 60 Optimisation For Carrier Determination

Lecture 61 Optimisation – Carrier Allocation

Section 12: Closing & Thank You

Lecture 62 Closing

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