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The Happy Office: Untangling Workplace Happiness

The Happy Office: Untangling Workplace Happiness
The Happy Office: Untangling Workplace Happiness

Published 3/2024
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Untangling Workplace Happiness

What you’ll learn
Understand concept and multifaceted nature of workplace happiness
Gain knowledge about benefits of workplace happiness for employees and employer
Explore and understand the application of strategies for promoting workplace happiness
To get familiar with methods for assessment and measurement of workplace happiness
Understand correlation between work life balance and workplace happiness
Explore the role of workplace happiness on employee well-being

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No prior knowledge required – The course will start from the basics
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In today’s competitive business environment, fostering workplace happiness is not just a feel-good concept; it’s a strategic imperative. This course delves into the critical aspects of creating a positive and fulfilling work environment that enhances employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall organizational success. Workplace happiness is a multifaceted concept that influences various aspects of organizational success, including employee satisfaction, productivity, culture, customer satisfaction, innovation, and financial performance. Investing in employee happiness is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic business decision that yields significant returns in the long run. Workplace happiness fosters a positive organizational culture characterized by trust, collaboration, and open communication. A supportive and inclusive culture promotes teamwork, reduces conflicts, and enhances morale among employees. Companies known for prioritizing employee happiness and well-being attract top talent and enjoy a positive reputation in the market. A strong employer brand not only helps in recruitment efforts but also enhances customer perception and loyalty.Throughout this course, participants will explore the multifaceted nature of workplace happiness, understanding its components, benefits, and methods for measuring workplace happiness. This course aims to help educators, research scholars, human resource professionals and entrepreneurs to understand the concept and role of workplace happiness as well as methods for assessing workplace happiness. So just click on the enroll button. I am looking forward to see you all in the course.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Workplace Happiness

Section 2: Workplace Happiness Strategies

Lecture 2 Work-life Balance

Lecture 3 Employee Wellbeing

Lecture 4 Conflict Management

Lecture 5 Organization Culture

Lecture 6 Team Building

Section 3: Benefits of Workplace Happiness

Lecture 7 Benefits of Workplace Happiness to Employees

Lecture 8 Benefits of Workplace Happiness to Organization

Section 4: Measurement of Workplace Happiness

Lecture 9 Methods of Assessing and Measuring Workplace Happiness

Educators, research scholars and students.,HR professionals and workplace wellness coordinators,Consultants, coaches and professionals in the field of organizational development,Employees working as different levels within the organization,Entrepreneurs, managers and team leaders


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