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Tax Assistant for Excel Professional 6.60

Tax Assistant for Excel Professional 6.60

Tax Assistant for Excel Professional 6.60
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Tax Assistant for Excel for the 2010 tax year is ready to help you prepare your taxes. In addition to updating the various tax forms, we’ve made the program more intuitive and user friendly and improved the error checking on Capital Gains entries to insure your return is correct. We’ve also added Form 8829 for reporting a tax deduction for the business use of your home.

Don’t waste time answering 1000 questions and entering unnecessary information with other tax programs. Tax Assistant for Excel allows you to enter only the data you need in a fast efficient manner. Even if you use another program to file your taxes electronically, Tax Assistant for Excel provides an inexpensive way for you to keep a permanent record of your federal tax return in the ubiquitous Excel file format. You can also use it to compare your taxes under different scenarios.

New Release of Project Manager for Excel
We just posted a new maintenance release of Project Manager for Excel. It provides a much requested enhancement to the task priorities feature and greatly improves compatibility with charting features in Excel 2007/2010 as well as the 64 bit versions of Windows. Whether you’re tracking projects at work or at home or simply want a good to do list, Project Manager for Excel will fit the bill.

Personal Finance Made Easy
Checkbook for Excel – Personal Finance and Checking Account Software
Microsoft Money has abandoned you and Quicken just wants more of your money. It’s time to save your money and try out Checkbook for Excel.
Checkbook for Excel is our most popular application and Version 5 has added a host of important new features to make it both more powerful and easier to use for managing your personal and business bank accounts, credit card accounts and financial ledgers. While other personal finance software makers are adding advertising to their releases, we’re still providing helpful new features to make managing your personal finances and bank accounts easier than ever. A new maintenance release is now available that adds a couple features, including a new date selection tool to make entering dates easier than ever.
Microsoft has dropped its support and development for Microsoft Money, which leaves Quicken with a virtual monopoly in the personal finance software arena. Now’s a good time to try Checkbook for Excel and simplify your personal finances. You can easily export your Microsoft Money accounts in QIF format and import them into Checkbook for Excel. Don’t sign up for the Quicken monopoly. Try Checkbook for Excel today!
Checkbook for Excel is ideal for tracking and managing your Paypal transactions. Just download your Paypal history in the Quicken .qif file format and it will import perfectly into Checkbook for Excel. You can easily prepare reports of your various income, expenses and transaction fees.
The enhanced Palm Checkbook Companion application is also available that lets you enter transactions on your Palm OS device and then automatically synchronize them with Checkbook for Excel.
If you have never tried Checkbook for Excel, this is your chance to get rid of the convoluted interface and gratuitous advertising that plagues the more popular financial programs. You can download the fully functional version of Checkbook for Excel and try it for free for 30 days. We’re confident it will simplify your financial life.

VistaPrint Checks – Recommended
If you need checks to use with Checkbook for Excel or if you still use old fashioned checks, order your VistaPrint checks and save money!
Tax Assistant for Excel
Tax Assistant for Excel – Tax Preparation Without All the Questions
We have our new release of Tax Assistant for Excel for the 2010 tax year now available to download. We’ve kept the same form based approach but have made the program easier to navigate. You can use the IRS approved forms in Tax Assistant for Excel to file your Federal Income Tax Return, use it to easily estimate your taxes or use it to keep a permanent electronic record of your tax return in the universal Excel file format. Don’t delay. Download Tax Assistant for Excel today and use it to get an early start on filing your Federal income tax return. While the other tax software companies are still finalizing their forms and programs, Tax Assistant for Excel has been completely updated with the latest forms and changes for the 2010 tax year.
Rest assured that your Federal Income Tax preparation will be easier than ever with the Tax Assistant for Excel for the 2010 tax year. We provide the latest IRS updates and have added a few new features along the way. As always, we’re committed to taking the pain out of filing your federal income tax return. The latest version of Tax Assistant for Excel will help you do it quickly and easily. It provides IRS approved tax forms in an easy to use Excel spreadsheet format. The program encompasses all the IRS changes for the current tax year and includes the most commonly used forms.
In addition to our typical Tax Assistant for Excel release that runs in all versions of Excel back to Excel 97, we’ve also released a version for Excel 2007/2010 that takes advantage of the new Ribbon interface and more efficient file format. It provides a Ribbon tab specifically for Tax Assistant that makes entering data and navigating the forms easier than ever. If you are using Excel 2007 or Excel 2010 be sure to download this new version as the Excel 2007/2010 file format is faster, smaller and more secure. We’ve also added tools to all versions that make un-protecting and protecting the various worksheets easier than ever.
Tax Assistant for Excel also provides automation for capital gains reporting on Schedule D and Schedule D-1. It includes accommodations for Wash Sales, Section 1202 Exclusions and automatic Schedule D and Schedule D-1 completion with error checking. If you are an active trader, be sure to download the Expanded Schedule D-1 version that will accommodate over 10,000 short-term and long-term entries (each). You can copy and paste your spreadsheet data directly into the Capital Gains data entry sheet and the program will automatically check for errors and prepare all your Schedule D-1 attachments.
We’ve also provided the Social Security Benefits Worksheet to automate the calculation of any taxable portion of your Social Security income and included multiple Schedules C and C-EZ for reporting business income from sole proprietorships. Tax Assistant for Excel for the 2009 tax year and previous years are still available to download.

Project Manager for Excel
We worked a long time incorporating your suggestions and our own ideas to create a vastly enhanced version of our Task Manager for Excel application. We’ve enhanced it so much that we had to change the name to Project Manager for Excel. It goes beyond simple task management by providing full blown project management features like Gantt Charts, complete scheduling features and task assignments. Whether you are managing projects for your business, projects around the house, or just tracking your to-do list, you’ll find that Project Manager for Excel is easy to use and does exactly what you need.
We’ve just completed a significant maintenance upgrade that provides a number of new features to meet your project management needs. We’ve added the ability to include the task owner on Gantt charts, the ability to sort all projects and associated tasks at once, the ability to set reminders by default and an option for omitting completed tasks on Gantt charts. We’ve also added the ability to export the Projects sheet to a separate file. We have this new version available with all these new features and several others as a free upgrade to registered users. Just go to our Project Manager for Excel page to download the new version.

Whats New
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

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