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Skills For Health-Giving Practices In The Workplace Ii

Published 11/2023
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Developing healthy habits that promote well-being in the workplace

What you’ll learn
1. Develop skills for good work practices for immediate and long-term health.
2. Relate physical health, mental health and psychosocial elements of work and occupations.
3. Discuss the relationship between occupational therapy and work conditions (ergonomics).
4. Develop health-giving practices for work place and lifelong health.

This course is work-based. Therefore, everyone already has pre-requisites to participate in this course. We all engage in activities and occupations throughout our lives. Therefore,
You will apply what you learn to your every day work and life.

Welcome to this course on health, and well-being in the workplace. This course will help you to develop health-giving habits in the workplace. Through the training in this course, you will maximize your engagement with work and the environment. It does not matter what work you are currently engaged in; whether in the office, a homemaker, or field. Whichever work you engage in, you need an awareness of how your body works in performing life occupations and work. Such awareness will help you to develop correct practices, habits, good health, well-being, and longevity. Together, in this course, we will develop skills for correct engagement with work. This will result in long-term health and well-being. We will learn that the back is the core structure for postures and well-being. It is important to relate our back and body structure with our daily work and promote correct engagement between the body, occupations, work, and environment in order to stay healthy and contribute to our general well-being. We will also learn a little about occupational therapy and how to seek its services when needed.In addition, we will develop more skills for healthy practices in our workspaces. We will also apply health principles in the workplace. The goal of this course is to enable us to reflect on how we engage with our daily activities, work, and the general environment. Hopefully, this course will assist us in developing health-giving skills and habits. Welcome!

Section 1: Introduction to applying health-giving skills in our daily lives / workplace

Lecture 1 Instructor Introduction

Lecture 2 Expected Course Outcomes

Section 2: Lecture 7: Ergonomics and Occupational Therapy

Lecture 3 Expected Learning Outcomes

Lecture 4 Ergonomics and Occupational Therapy

Section 3: Lesson 8: Principles & Benefits of good work practices

Lecture 5 Expected Learning Outcomes

Lecture 6 Benefits of good work practice

Section 4: Lesson 9: Ergonomic Principles

Lecture 7 Expected Learning Outcomes

Lecture 8 Ergonomic Principles

Section 5: Moving Forward

Lecture 9 Expected Learning Outcomes

Lecture 10 Moving Forward

Lecture 11 References

Section 6: Certification Quiz for Course 2

Lecture 12 Expected Learning Outcomes

Lecture 13 Moving Foward

Lecture 14 Moving Forward

Anyone interested in healthy living and preventing work-related illnesses or injuries..,Anyone interested in learning how and when to access occupational therapy services.,Everyone seeking continuous professional development.

HomePage: https://www.udemy.com/course/ii-skills-for-health-giving-practices-in-the-workplace-ii/


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