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React State Management – Mastering Redux And Project

React State Management – Mastering Redux And Project
React State Management – Mastering Redux And Project
React State Management - Mastering Redux And Project
Published 2/2024
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Mastering Redux, React Query and learn a ton of advanced technique

What you’ll learn
Understand how Redux work
Become a react developer
Understand why we should learn redux
Become a better javascript developer

Basic understanding React

Are you ready to take your React skills to the next level by mastering state management with Redux This comprehensive Udemy course, "Mastering Redux," is designed for both beginner and intermediate React developers who want to gain a deep understanding of Redux and its integration with React applications.In this course, you will embark on a journey from the fundamentals to advanced concepts of Redux, empowering you to build scalable and maintainable React applications with confidence. Our experienced instructor will guide you through a hands-on learning experience, ensuring you not only grasp the theory but also gain practical skills to implement Redux effectively in your projects.Many courses out there teach you to jump straight into the redux toolkit, which is not a good way to learn. And mostly only teaches you how to "read" from API. Besides redux, I also show you advanced techniques, and how to fit react bootstrap and notifications into your projectBelow are the main sections of the course:- Redux: this section will help you master the fundamentals of redux- Redux Thunk: how to integrate thunk middleware into the project- Redux toolkit: super fast project setup with redux, see how it differs from redux- Project part: the best way to learn redux is to practice. This is a project with full CRUD operations, light/dark mode. In addition, this part also helps you how to fake api very quickly- Typescript:Coming Soon- React Query:Coming SoonBy the end of "Mastering Redux," you’ll have the confidence and skills to implement Redux seamlessly in your React applications. Elevate your React development journey and enroll now to unlock the full potential of state management with Redux!

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Lecture 2 Install VS Code

Section 2: Understand Redux

Lecture 3 Why should we use Redux

Lecture 4 Redux concepts

Lecture 5 Setup Project

Lecture 6 The first app with redux

Lecture 7 Understand useSelector

Lecture 8 More example

Lecture 9 Why should we copy state

Lecture 10 Redux vs React Redux Library

Section 3: Redux Thunk

Lecture 11 Fetch API without redux thunk

Lecture 12 Setup thunk project

Lecture 13 Understand Flow of Redux (Thunk)

Lecture 14 Promise dispatch

Section 4: Redux toolkit

Lecture 15 Setup project

Lecture 16 Understand slice and immer library

Lecture 17 Dispatch action with payload

Lecture 18 Fetch API with redux toolkit

Lecture 19 Best practice with thunk

Lecture 20 extraReducers

Section 5: Project

Lecture 21 Setup few components

Lecture 22 Fetch API

Lecture 23 Setup react bootstrap

Lecture 24 Setup JSON Server to Fake API

Lecture 25 Setup Modal & Understand how modal work

Lecture 26 Create Form

Lecture 27 Create user

Lecture 28 Lift State Up Technique

Lecture 29 Notification with react toastify

Lecture 30 Fetch users with thunk

Lecture 31 Create user with thunk

Lecture 32 Manually remove fake data

Lecture 33 Update User start

Lecture 34 Determine edit or create mode

Lecture 35 Fetch User By Id

Lecture 36 Update User end

Lecture 37 Delete User part 1

Lecture 38 Delete User part 2

Lecture 39 Add some code

Lecture 40 Light/dark mode part 1

Lecture 41 Light/dark mode part 2

Lecture 42 Load data to redux when refresh page

Lecture 43 Take your time to practice

Section 6: Typescript Basic

Lecture 44 Overview

Section 7: React Query

Lecture 45 Overview

Beginner React Developer


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