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Python Programming For Beginners: The Most Concise and Well-Detailed Guide to Learn Python from Scratch

English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0BKYWZM43 | 185 pages | EPUB | 5.14 Mb

Python is open-source software, that is, you can download it for free. You can use it for any purpose, commercial or not, as the wideness of its use is at increase day after day. The most recent version of Python with the most updated features is Python 3.10.7, as of the time of this research. It is the seventh version of Python 3.10. Here, in this book, you will learn practical Python programming concepts that are presented with the aid of engaging practical examples. You will learn practical illustrations of all you need to get started on projects of your own, whether you’re a beginner programmer or a seasoned software developer eager to leap into a new language with Python 3.10.
Whatever your long-term objectives, if you work with a computer at all, you’ll soon discover countless ways to enhance your life by automating tasks and discovering solutions using Python programs that you write. In recent years, Python has risen to become one of the most widely used programming languages worldwide. Everything from website development to software testing to machine learning to data analysis, and many more uses it. Both developers and non-developers that are desiring to dive into IT skills can use it. You can start with this book as a beginner to understand Python basics and afterward specialize in any branch of Python programming that you desire.
This nugget shall serve as an eye-opener, as it is beneficial to every beginner, as it does not require you to have prior coding skills before you can get started. Advance python users can also use it to learn some new features that came with Python 3.10.7 edition.
Programs written in Python can be both structure and function-oriented. It offers dynamic memory management capabilities that allow for effective utilization of the available computing power. All common operating systems and platforms are also compatible with it. As a result, all programmers, both beginners, and experts are capable of understanding this language. The only requirement for your learning is constant practicing, and you will see yourself becoming your dream programmer.



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