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Polysaccharides: Advanced Polymeric Materials

Polysaccharides: Advanced Polymeric Materials
Polysaccharides: Advanced Polymeric Materials
English | 2023 | ISBN: 9781003265054 | 337 pages | True PDF | 20.64 MB

Polysaccharides offer unique and valuable functional properties, persisting in technological importance and poised to grow more critical due to sustainability demands and emerging applications in medical and life sciences. This contributed work presents comprehensive information about carbohydrate polymers, providing readers with an enhanced appreciation of carbohydrate structure and function, a new enzyme library, and extraction strategies that will help to advance a number of exciting domains of research, including genomics, proteomics, chemical synthesis, materials science, and engineering.

Key Features

Details the source, production, structures, properties, and current and potential applications of polysaccharides.
Discusses general strategies of isolation, separation, and characterization of polysaccharides.
Describes botanical, algal, animal, and microbial sources of polysaccharides.
Demonstrates the importance of carbohydrates in new lead generation.
Highlights the range of possibilities for polysaccharides to make real-world impact.
Bhasha Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Shivaji College, University of Delhi, India.

Enamul Hoque, Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), Dhaka, Bangladesh.



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