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Parenting Your Teen With Understanding

Parenting Your Teen With Understanding
Parenting Your Teen With Understanding
Published 11/2023
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Taking time to reflect on your relationship with your teenager

What you’ll learn
Learn some perspectives about teenage behaviour and the brain
Explore your role as a parent of a teenager
Learn some tools to work with your teen rather than against them
Empower yourself with new ways of thinking about parenting a teenager

No previous experience needed

Ever found yourself wondering what’s really going on inside your teenager’s head Have you ever grappled with making sense of their behaviorsThis Udemy course is crafted to guide you through your parenting journey with a touch of introspection. It provides an opportunity to pause and reflect on your decisions, ensuring you’re aligned with the long-term goals you have for your relationship with your teen.Teens exhibit a range of age-appropriate behaviors that can be quite triggering for us as parents and teachers! From keeping up with social media trends to the desire to fit in with friends, navigating this road isn’t always a walk in the park for them or for us!Recognizing that we can fall into predictable patterns and habits as parents, this course offers a chance to see things from a fresh perspective and reignite your commitment to strengthening your connection with your teenager.I’m not here to dictate what you should do after all, you know your kids better than anyone! Instead, my aim is to provide an opportunity for you to coach yourself, discover new ways of thinking about parenting, and foster a habit of reflecting on your decisions to make conscious and intentional choices.If you’re eager to explore more effective ways to communicate with your teen and foster connection rather than disdain, this course might just be the perfect fit for you.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction and Intentions

Lecture 2 Remembering your own Teen Years

Lecture 3 The Teenage Brain

Lecture 4 Teenage Emotions

Lecture 5 How to be your teen’s support system

Lecture 6 Repair

Lecture 7 Setting Boundaries

Lecture 8 Acceptance is Key!

Anyone who works with teenagers – parents, teachers, coaches, etc

HomePage: https://www.udemy.com/course/parenting-your-teen-with-understanding/


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