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Next Level Money Management

Next Level Money Management
Next Level Money Management
Next Level Money Management
Published 4/2024
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Adults: Reach your goals with Simple Financial Advice

What you’ll learn
Create a Budget with included template
Automate Saving your money
Saving Time with Bills
Monitor your Spending
Know Your Net Worth
Stop Using Credit Cards
Safe Practices
Avoiding fees
Saving time with Bills!
Reaching your goals!

No Experience Required

In this on-demand course we are going to cover Next Level Money Management in order to Reduce Stress and Save More Money by implementing some simple habits that will make life easier and help you save automatically! Learn the latest ways to manage money in today’s world. Don’t waste time with old habits and routines your parents had to use. Save time and Reduce Stress!In this class we’ll cover:Creating a Savings PlanStep by Step!Access to my Personal Tools!Opening the right accountsAutomating your SavingsMonitoring your purchasesUnderstanding your spendingKnow Your Net WorthEncouragementSaving time with Bills!Reaching your goals!Avoiding feesSecuring your infoMaking life easier!As a Financial Coach, Ive spent the last 20 years educating myself on financial improvement and applying those skills so I can coach others to manage their money more effectively as well.I remember being overwhelmed by insurance and iras and 401ks and OU812s. I know what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck. I know what it is like to feel like I will never get ahead. I remember when it felt like I would never earn a decent income and save. I remember when it felt like I would never move out of my parents or be able to own my own home. I promise, all those things are possible!I’ve already read the boring books and made some mistakes. Let me help you save a lot of time by sharing my skills and experience. We will transform your finances together. You will stop using credit cards, increase your savings, and plan for the future. We should have been taught this stuff in school but we weren’t. I believe everyone deserves the basic tools to be financially successful. It does not take much effort or much time.

Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Welcome

Section 2: The Right Accounts

Lecture 2 The Right Accounts

Section 3: Automate Savings

Lecture 3 Automate Savings

Section 4: Categorize Transactions

Lecture 4 Categorize Transactions

Section 5: Track Your Spending

Lecture 5 Track Your Spending

Section 6: Make a Spending Plan

Lecture 6 Make a Spending Plan

Section 7: Net Worth

Lecture 7 Net Worth

Section 8: Encouragement

Lecture 8 Encouragement

Section 9: Pro Tips

Lecture 9 Pro Tips

Section 10: Wrap Up

Lecture 10 Wrap Up

Adults that want to improve finances, stop using credit cards, and reach their goals.


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