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Naturepath – Spirituality Found!

Naturepath - Spirituality Found!
Naturepath - Spirituality Found!
Published 11/2023
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Use Nature’s Laws of Creation to Gain More Meaning, Spirituality, and Joy!

What you’ll learn
Learn Specific Steps to Build More Spirituality in Your Life
Glean Nature’s Deep Wisdoms and How it Applies to Your Life!
Learn How the Universe Spontaneously Generates Harmony in Nature and Life!
Glean the Intimate Interconnectivity We Share With All Things!
Learn How the World Works and Reignite Your Sense of Wonder and Joy!
Learn Effective Techniques to Immerse Yourself in Nature and Grow Your Spirituality!
Grow More Meaning and a Sense of Purpose
Use Nature’s Patterns to Guide Your Life!

Students Should Have a Genuine Desire to Ascend Their Spiritually
Students Should Have an Open Mind
Students Should be Receptive to the Concept Nature Possesses Deep Wisdoms From Which We Can Benefit

What Do We All Want More OfSimply put, we all want more spirituality in our lives, but figuring out how to get more of it is a whole, other story!When considering spirituality, for example, several questions arise. After all, what is it, exactly How can Irecognize it What is the best way for me to find it and pursue it What is the best way for me to obtain more of it!When things become so uncertain, there’s only one thing left to do: go back to the beginning. Thus, to gain perspective and insights, let’s examine a definition of spirituality. So, What is SpiritualityAccording to a popular definition "spirituality includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life.In essence this indicates spirituality can be attained through 1) ‘connecting with something larger than ourselves’ and 2) ‘finding more meaning’. Well, fortunately enough, I’ve discovered a technique that for the first time, satisfies both of these objectives!Nature is the Key Pathway to SpiritualityWhat’s my strategy to building a deeper spirituality It’s simple. It’s through better understanding and building a dialogue with Mother Nature!For instance, to solve the first half of the definition, we simply have to recognize that there is nothing (no thing) ‘larger’ than nature. Whatever we call it–the cosmos, the universe, or God’s palette, it she that encompasses and brings all things into being! Thus, in order to ‘connect with something larger than ourselves’, we need to learn more about, engage, and connect with nature!To the second half of the definition, Inote that because nature is the mighty source of all creation, singlehandedly bringing the universe and all its inhabitants into being; we need to better understand her to begin gleaning why we are here, what it’s all about, and our relationship to all other things. It is her magic that perpetuates, stitches together, and raises everything into glorious existence! Building an intimate understanding of and dialogue with nature, you will connect with the divine and build more meaning in your life.Great! So How Will You Teach Me How to Better Connect with and Understand NatureFor you to better understand and connect with nature, Iwill expose to you, for the first time, nature’s very process of creation!This is the very same process that brings all things into being including suns, subatomic particles, leaves, bees, hornets, grasshoppers, and you and I! In this course you will learn of nature’s creative processes, the centers that drive it, and the resultant center-oriented patterns dominating the universe! After this course you will literally understand how the world world works and existeance comes about and s structured!You Will Learn How Nature Generates Harmony in Nature and Your Life!Not only Iwill show you how this process naturally generates the harmony engendering properties of symmetry, beauty, balance, and holism! Fantastic qualities of being you can put to good use in your life once you adopt nature’s harmony generating ways. Building an intimate understanding of and dialogue with nature, you will connect with the divine and build more meaning in your life.Learning nature’s laws of creation will achieve our objectives of better understanding directly engaging, building a dialogue with, and connecting with nature! The result is we will connect with something larger than ourselves and finding more meaning–and thereby raise our spirituality!Connect to ‘Something Greater Than Ourselves’NaturePath provides a practical foundation for engaging with and building a dialogue with nature, both of which provide the initial steps towards connecting with the one thing that is genuinely ‘larger than ourselves’–i.e. nature. Build More Meaning Into Your Life NaturePath also enables you to observe and comprehend how nature creates the harmony-like qualities of symmetry, beauty, balance, holism, and collaboration on its own! Coming to discover nature gifts all of her creations, including our lives, with the most splendid of attributes possible, we are supplied with a direct method to understand the character of the cosmos we emerged from and build solace and more meaning. In Summary What I believe you will like about my course is that for the first time, youll be able to gain tangible means to directly engage with, and develop a dialogue with nature, all towards the goal of building a deeper spirituality. Welcome to ‘NaturePath – Spirituality Found,’ a resource that promises to guide you to greater spiritual joy!

Section 1: Introduction – The Why, How’s, and Benefits of NaturePath!

Lecture 1 What We All Seek…More Meaning and a Deeper Spirituality!

Lecture 2 Where Can You Get More Spirituality From Nature!

Lecture 3 How Well Connect with Nature and Grow Our Spirituality!

Lecture 4 The Secret Pathway to Connection – Centers and the Creative Process They Drive!

Section 2: The Creative Process Lectures

Lecture 5 The Universe’s Most Significant Feature- Her Great Creative Process

Lecture 6 The Creative Process in a Nutshell

Lecture 7 Using the Process Worksheet

Lecture 8 Wonderful Examples of the Creative Process in Nature and Life!

Lecture 9 Allow Yourself to Be Awestruck!

Lecture 10 Now Get Started!

Section 3: The Center Lectures

Lecture 11 Centers Rule the Universe!

Lecture 12 So, What are Centers

Lecture 13 The Benefits – What You Stand to Gain!

Lecture 14 Using the Center Worksheet

Lecture 15 Meaningful Practices to Get You More Centered!

Lecture 16 Outro – Let Centers Drive Your Newfound Fascination!

Section 4: The Pattern Lectures

Lecture 17 The Power of Pattern

Lecture 18 The Perks of Pattern!

Lecture 19 Learn Nature’s Primary Center-Oriented Patterns!

Lecture 20 Using the Pattern Worksheet

Lecture 21 A Form-Specific Contemplation

Lecture 22 Use Pattern to Roam the Universe!

Lecture 23 Pattern Connect, Nature Connect!

Section 5: The Meaning Lectures

Lecture 24 Finding Meaning Through Nature’s Harmony

Lecture 25 Your Path to More Meaning

Lecture 26 Using the Meaning Worksheet

Lecture 27 A Meaning Worksheet Contemplation…Perfection

Lecture 28 Turning Mystery into Meaning

Lecture 29 Multiply Meaning in Your Life!

Section 6: Learn to Immerse In and Connect With Nature!

Lecture 30 Introduction – Learning to Listen

Lecture 31 Make a Commitment

Lecture 32 Make Time for Nature

Lecture 33 Get in the Here and Now

Lecture 34 Using the Vast to Embrace the Minute

Lecture 35 Immerse in Spiritual Spaces

Lecture 36 Engage Without Restraint

Lecture 37 Enhance Your Mood

Lecture 38 Use Sage Wisdom

Lecture 39 Mandalas – Natures Patterns of Creation

Lecture 40 Ask the Big Questions

Lecture 41 Speaking with Nature Through Your Intuition

Lecture 42 Keep a Journal

Lecture 43 Sketch to Communicate

Lecture 44 Daily and Weekly Practices

Lecture 45 Embrace Patience

Section 7: Thats a Wrap!

Lecture 46 That’s a wrap!

Spiritual Seekers Whom Want to Raise their Spiritual Quotient,Spiritual Seekers Whom Want to Get Closer to Nature and the Divine,Those Who Seek More Meaning and Purpose,Individuals That Seek to Better Understand Nature and Their Place in the Universe’s Grand Designs However Don’t Know Where to Start Looking

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