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ModelPort 3.1.4 (x64) for ArchiCAD

ModelPort 3.1.4 (x64) for ArchiCAD

ModelPort 3.1.4 (x64) for ArchiCAD
File size: 53 MB

ModelPort 3 havs over 80 new features, improvements and updates. Not only can users import, edit and change settings for a wide variety of objects such as OBJ, FBX, DAE, Revit and SketchUp but with this new version users can also take advantage of higher resolution graphics and an improved editing environment.

ModelPort Key Benefits
Expanded import formats compared to Archicad defaults
Preview third party models before import
Edit imported models from OBJ, FBX, DAE, RFA, SKP & more
Clean up messy graphics for 2D symbols and 3D models
Add textures and edit materials for any imported surface
Delete selected meshes and elements in the ModelPort Editor
Reduce polygon count & file size of imported models
Batch import to save time converting third party models

New Features in ModelPort 3.1.4
MVO detail level can be linked to model elements (AC23 and above)
Insert at Hotspot allows users to customize placement position
Higher quality texture display in preview window
Material search & folders to match Archicad 26 new dialog design

ModelPort for ArchiCAD 26/27

Whats new
– Added: Support for Archicad 27
– Fixed_ ModelPort pet palette (palette with the "MP" button) can go crazy (multiplicates itself).
– Fixed: In the library objects which were saved in "ModelPort" or "GDL+ModelPort" mode the parameter script code is duplicated.
– Fixed: In case during library part import the Texture import is set to "Custom Folder", ModelPort imports the textures into the custom library part import folder instead of the custom texture folder.
– Improved: Added tooltip text to the "Break up solids" Mesh operation.
– Improved: Added tooltip text to the "Align Polygons" Mesh operation.
– Improved: Added tooltip text to the "Flip Polygons" Mesh operation.
– Improved: Added tooltip text to the "Recalculate Normals" Mesh operation.

– Added: New license type "Viewer" license.
– Changed: License Activation dialog has been redesigned.
– Improved: User can request the Viewer license from the Activation dialog.
– Changed: License Control dialog has been redesigned.
– Improved: License Control dialog shows the remaining time while license can run fully offline.
– Improved: License Control dialog shows the status of the license.
– Improved: With the "Drop Activation" button inside the License Control dialog it is possible to force ModelPort to forget the current activation. (Useful in case the user wants to activate with a different email/license key combination).
– Changed: Offline Licensing mode was renamed to Offline communication mode.
– Improved: Offline Communication dialog was redesigned and simplified.
– Improved: In Offline Communication mode if Archicad is behind firewall user can make ModelPort to communicate with the license server through an internet browser.
– Improved: Checking for license status/ModelPort version update happens in the background. Archicad doesn’t have to wait for these at startup.
– Changed: in case licensing was not checked before the user clicks on a ModelPort menu item the Licensing dialog can activate (in case license is not running).
In the previous versions the upcoming Licensing dialog canceled the menu command.
But in the new version the menu command runs after the licensing dialog closes.

HomePage: https://archvista.com/modelport/


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