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Light Pillar Mosaic 1.4 MacOS

Light Pillar Mosaic 1.4 MacOS

Light Pillar Mosaic 1.4 MacOS
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The Complete Window Arrangement Solution. Effortlessly and intuitively resize and reposition macOS apps. Mosaic caters for everyone who needs to work with multiple windows, whether your needs are simple or very specific.

Create Efficient Workspaces
Transform multi-window chaos into a productive and efficient workspace.

Seamless macOS integration
Mosaic has been meticulously designed to feel like an integrated component of macOS – and not like a standalone app. The result is a seamless and intuitive experience that feels as good to use as it looks.

Fully Customisable Layouts
Rather than limit you to a list of simple preset layouts, Mosaic lets you create any layout you like with a powerful suite of layout creation tools. You can simply paint a layout on a grid or achieve absolute control with numerical constraints.

Streamline your workflow
As there is no limit to the number of layouts you can create in Mosaic, you can find yourself with dozens of layouts – many of which you only need for specific scenarios. With Layout Groups1, you can organise your layouts to suit specific workflows and by switching between them, filter out those you don’t need.

Layout Extras
Little widgets that make life so much easier

Multi-Display Support
If you’ve got 2 or more displays attached to your Mac, Mosaic has you covered. Basic Layouts automatically adapt to the resolution of each display so no additional setup is required. However, you can assign any layout to a specific display to suit your needs.

Touch Bar Support
With a Touch Bar enabled MacBook Pro, all your layouts are right at your fingertips. If you are a keyboard junky but have too many layouts to realistically assign keyboard shortcuts to all of them, Touch Bar is exactly what you need.

Whats New
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

HomePage: http://www.lightpillar.com


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