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Learn Somali Reading And Writing From Scratch

Learn Somali Reading And Writing From Scratch
Learn Somali Reading And Writing From Scratch
Published 11/2023
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Master The Somali Language Reading & Writing

What you’ll learn
The Somali alphabet.
All the 21 Somali consonants.
All the 5 Somali vowels.
Making Somali sounds.
Reading your first Somali words.
Writing your first Somali words.
Reading and writing basic Somali words.
Writing and reading Somali using method of ‘Eray iyo Eray’.
Understanding the Somali reading using the method of ‘Fahamka aqriska Eray iyo Eray’
Mastering how to write Somali using ‘Yeeris Soomaali’.
Learning how to write ‘Sheeko Soomaali’.
The difference between Social media Somali Vs spoken.
Understanding how people write in Social media.
The difference between textbook Somali Vs spoken.
Learning how to read and write Somali opposite words.
And many more..

No experience is needed you’ll do everything from scratch.
A commitment to learn how to read & write Somali.

Hello, I’m Teacher Abdirahman Abzi, delighted to make your acquaintance! In this comprehensive course, "Learn Somali Reading and Writing From Scratch," I will guide you through the intricacies of reading and writing the Somali language.Designed specifically for absolute beginners, this course requires no prior experience in Somali writing or reading. We will embark on a step-by-step journey, ensuring a thorough understanding of the basics.This course is tailored for individuals who are unable to read or write a single Somali letter. If you find yourself struggling to communicate with family members on platforms like WhatsApp or other social media, especially when faced with expressions like "Asc" or "Seetahay," prompting immediate calls due to a lack of Somali language proficiency, then this course is crafted for you!Whether you aim to excel in a Somali writing exam, regardless of whether you were born and raised abroad or within the country, this course is your key to success.For those inclined to craft personal narratives, backgrounds, or even start a blog in the Somali language, this course is equally suited to your aspirations.Throughout the program, we will cover five modules, each comprising five lessons. This totals 25 meticulously structured lessons, offering over three hours of video content. Each lesson includes an assignment to assess your progress after every class.Additionally, the entire course is accompanied by a dedicated book. This resource provides an audio file, over 30 Somali dictations or spelling tests, and, towards the end, more than 15 topics for writing practice.I’ve been teaching Somali for about five years now, and I’m a native speaker. During this time, I’ve created some of the best Somali learning materials online. Many people follow and learn from me on the internet. I’ve had the chance to teach students from all over the world, including someone famous like Xiaomanyc, a well-known YouTuber.All the necessary materials, including the book and relevant links, will be available for your convenience. I’m excited for you to commence your journey of mastering the Somali language, and progressing from zero to hero.I look forward to welcoming you in class!Enroll now and let’s embark on this enriching learning experience together. See you in the course!

Section 1: Course Intro

Lecture 1 LESSON 00____ Intro

Section 2: Module 01

Lecture 2 LESSON 01____ Somali alpabets Capital & Small letters

Lecture 3 LESSON 02____ Short & Long vowels Somali sound

Lecture 4 LESSON 03____ Reading & writing Somali words D, R, S & Sh

Lecture 5 LESSON 04____ Reading & writing Somali words Dh, C, G & F

Lecture 6 LESSON 05____ Reading & writing Somali words Q, K, L & M

Section 3: Module 02

Lecture 7 LESSON 06____ Reading & writing Somali words N, W, H & Y

Lecture 8 LESSON 07____ Reading & writing Eray iyo Eray -part 1

Lecture 9 LESSON 08____ Reading & writing Eray iyo Eray part 2

Lecture 10 LESSON 09____ Reading & writing words + words part 3

Lecture 11 LESSON 10____ Reading & writing words + words part 4

Section 4: Module 03

Lecture 12 LESSON 11____ Fahamka aqriska part1 & Yeeris 1.0

Lecture 13 LESSON 12____ Fahamka aqriska part2 & Yeeris 1.1

Lecture 14 LESSON 13____ Fahamka aqriska part3 & Yeeris 1.2

Lecture 15 LESSON 14____ Fahamka aqriska part4 & Yeeris 1.3

Lecture 16 LESSON 15____ Fahamka aqriska part5 & Yeeris 1.4

Section 5: Module 04

Lecture 17 LESSON 16____ Sheeko part1, Social media Somali & Yeeris sheeko 1.0

Lecture 18 LESSON 17____ Sheeko part2, Social media Somali & Yeeris sheeko 1.1

Lecture 19 LESSON 18____ Sheeko part3, Social media Somali & Yeeris sheeko 1.2

Lecture 20 LESSON 19____ Sheeko part4, Social media Somali & Yeeris sheeko 1.3

Lecture 21 LESSON 20____ Sheeko part5, Social media Somali & Yeeris sheeko 1.4

Section 6: Module 05

Lecture 22 LESSON 21____ Qor sheeko Soomaali p.1, Faraqa u dhaxeeyo T.book Som Vs Spoken p.

Lecture 23 LESSON 22____ Qor sheeko Soomaali p.2, Faraqa u dhaxeeyo T.book Som Vs Spoken p.

Lecture 24 LESSON 23____ Qor sheeko Soomaali p.3, Erayo Soomaali lid isku ah part1

Lecture 25 LESSON 24____ Qor sheeko Soomaali p.4, Erayo Soomaali lid isku ah part2

Lecture 26 LESSON 25____ Final (Congrats) Qor sheeko Soomaali p.5, Erayo Soomaali lid isk

All Complete beginners.,Anyone who struggles to contact any family member to chat on social media.,Anyone wants to pass the Somali writing and reading Exam.,Any parent needs to teach their kids how to read and write Somali.

HomePage: https://www.udemy.com/course/learnsomalireadingandwriting/


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