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Jolly Strokes: Cartoon Santa Drawing Masterclass

Jolly Strokes: Cartoon Santa Drawing Masterclass
Jolly Strokes: Cartoon Santa Drawing Masterclass
Published 11/2023
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Learn how to draw Santa Claus from simple shapes. How to put your characters in motion and how to give them emotions

What you’ll learn
How to design a well-known character in a different, creative ways
How draw a character from simple shapes
How to give uniqness to their character designs
How to put emotions on their characters
How to put their character design in motion
How to draw body mechanics to simplified characters
How to break their boundaries and fears and become more creative

No art education needed. Just pen and paper

Embark on a festive journey of artistic expression with our engaging and delightful course, "Jolly Strokes: Cartoon Santa Drawing Masterclass." This course is designed for aspiring artists and cartoon enthusiasts who wish to capture the spirit of the holiday season through the whimsical and iconic figure of Santa Claus.Throughout this hands-on course, participants will delve into the magical world of cartooning, honing their skills to bring to life the jolly, rosy-cheeked character that embodies the joy of Christmas. From the iconic red suit to the twinkle in his eye, participants will explore various techniques to infuse personality and charm into their cartoon Santa Clauses.Key Course Highlights- Gain a solid understanding of the basic principles of cartooning, including exaggeration, simplification, and expressive lines,- Learn to create a unique and endearing cartoon version of Santa Claus, focusing on distinctive features that make your character stand out, – Explore different poses and compositions to tell a story through your cartoon Santa illustrations,- Learn to convey a range of emotions through your Santa Claus character,By the end of the "Jolly Strokes: Cartoon Santa Drawing Masterclass," participants will not only have a collection of heartwarming and charming cartoon Santa illustrations but will also have developed a solid foundation in cartooning that they can apply to other creative projects. Unleash your creativity and spread the joy of the season through the art of cartoon Santa drawing!

Section 1: Character Designs

Lecture 1 Designing Santa Claus from a sphere

Lecture 2 Refine the First Santa Claus design

Lecture 3 Design a Santa Claus from a rectangular shape

Lecture 4 Refining the Second Design

Lecture 5 Drawing a Third Santa using triangular shapes

Lecture 6 Refining the Third Sanda design

Section 2: Drawing characters in Motion

Lecture 7 Santa Running – Sketch

Lecture 8 Santa Running – Refine

Lecture 9 Santa Skating – Sketch

Lecture 10 Santa Skating – Refine

Lecture 11 Santa carrying a Chrismas Tree – Sketch

Lecture 12 Santa carrying a Christmas Tree – Refine

Beginners,Aspiring Illustrators,Character Designers

HomePage: https://www.udemy.com/course/jolly-strokes-cartoon-santa-drawing-masterclass/


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