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Interior Design Made Easy

Published 11/2023
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How to easily apply interior design at home

What you’ll learn
Understand the elements and principles of interior design
Create the perfect balance when arranging a room
Choose the right color combinations
Select the best lightning
Get inspired by the most popular interior design styles
Apply the correct kitchen ergonomics
Learn to design a small space
Organise correctly the space
Get inspired by a flat design example

No previous experience needed.

Hello and welcome to my course "Interior design made easy"! I am extremely happy to have you here. If you want to arrange/renovate your home on your own for the first time you want to feel more comfortable and happier at your home or you just want to educate yourself in the interior design field.. then YOUare the right student for my course. No worries, there is no previous interior design experience needed. It’s the alphabet in interior design that everyone needs, so everyone is welcome.I’ve started the journey in the interior design field 6 years ago and started teaching interior design more than 2 years ago on Kajabi.My instagram page balnak(dot)design reached almost 52.000 followers in less than two years. As for now, more than 2000+ students on different platforms enrolled my course and I am highly grateful for each student I’ve had the chance to teach some valuable information. I give my best to put the best content and graphics together so that I can provide you with the best learning experience. After all, the course represents the basics of interior design that everyone should know.Just for your information, the course comprises the following lectures:1.) Introduction – What you will get in this course2) The Elements of Interior Design: Learn the basics of proper interior design. Achieve harmony in the home through the correct use of space, colors, lights, shapes and accents.3) Let’s lay the foundations: Find out what to consider when arranging a room and how to find the perfect balance between harmony, functionality and budget.4) Chromatics: Discover everything about colors, what they mean and how to combine them correctly.5) Lighting: Choose the right lighting fixtures for each room and correctly calculate the light in a room according to needs.6) Interior Design Styles: Discover 13 popular interior design styles, how each is characterised, and get inspired for your own home.7) Kitchen ergonomics: Arrange your kitchen so that it is attractive, functional, but also safe for all activities, taking into account the correct placement of appliances, the work triangle and the kitchen counter.8) Design principles: Find out the ideal distances between furniture items and how to position them correctly in each room.9) Designing a small space: Discover tips & tricks that help you make a small space seem big.10) Organizing the space: Learn to optimize the space you have to the maximum, how to organize the clutter and how to efficiently store the things you need.11) Case study: Come with me on the adventure I lived then in setting up an apartment and find out everything you need to know, from scratch!Enjoy the course and please do not forget to leave a positive feedback if you enjoyed this course!<3 Big hugsGianina

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Elements and principles of interior design

Lecture 2 Elements of interior design

Lecture 3 Principles of interior design

Section 3: Let’s lay the foundations

Lecture 4 What to consider when arranging a room

Lecture 5 Form your eye first

Section 4: Combination of colors

Lecture 6 Color theory and terminology

Lecture 7 Color characteristics

Lecture 8 Color combinations

Lecture 9 Tools to build a color scheme

Lecture 10 How to chose the wall color and change the perception of space

Lecture 11 60 30 10 color rule

Lecture 12 Color psychology

Lecture 13 Colourful tips

Section 5: The right lightning

Lecture 14 Why lightning is so important

Lecture 15 Natural light

Lecture 16 Artificial light

Lecture 17 Types of bulbs

Lecture 18 Types of lightning and of artificial light

Lecture 19 Characteristics of light and how to calculate the light you need

Lecture 20 Lightning in the hall and in the kitchen

Lecture 21 Lightning in the bathroom

Lecture 22 Lightning in the living room and office

Lecture 23 Lightning in the bedroom

Lecture 24 Bright tips

Section 6: Interior design styles

Lecture 25 Art Deco

Lecture 26 Bohemian Chic

Lecture 27 Contemporary

Lecture 28 Eclectic

Lecture 29 Hollywood regency

Lecture 30 Industrial

Lecture 31 Minimalism

Lecture 32 Modern

Lecture 33 Retro

Lecture 34 Rustic

Lecture 35 Scandinavian

Lecture 36 Shabby Chic

Lecture 37 Traditional

Lecture 38 Vintage

Section 7: Kitchen ergonomy

Lecture 39 Kitchen ergonomy

Lecture 40 Correct working height

Lecture 41 Recommended distances

Lecture 42 Kitchen counters

Lecture 43 Delicious tips

Section 8: Rules and distances

Lecture 44 Rules and distances in the bedroom

Lecture 45 Rules and distances in the bathroom

Lecture 46 Rules and distances in the dining room

Lecture 47 Rules and distances in the living room

Section 9: Designing a small space

Lecture 48 Principles to guide you

Lecture 49 The walls

Lecture 50 The windows

Lecture 51 The flooring

Lecture 52 Furniture and upholstery

Lecture 53 Balancing proportions through optical illusions

Lecture 54 Other tips & tricks

Lecture 55 Small advices

Section 10: Organisation of space

Lecture 56 Functions of the rooms and how we accumulate things

Lecture 57 Tidy up the mess in the bathroom

Lecture 58 Tidy up the mess in the kitchen

Lecture 59 Tidy up the mess in the wardrobe

Lecture 60 Organising the kitchen space

Lecture 61 Organising the bathroom space

Lecture 62 Organising the bedroom space

Lecture 63 Organising the living room space

Section 11: Case study

Lecture 64 Case study

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