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How To Grow Your Passive Income Beyond Amazon Kdp

Published 11/2023
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Learn the Steps to Create Multiple Passive Income Streams With the Skills and Experiences Learnt from Publishing

What you’ll learn
You will learn the essential steps to build additional passive income streams using your existing publishing knowledge and experience with Amazon KDP
Learn what passive income opportunities are available and how you can create content for them
How to plan and develop business goals to build your income streams
Learn how to track your income as it grows
What is possible by taking an over the shoulder look at my streams of income

A ‘Take Action’ attitude to implement the ideas and strategies you are shown
Experience with Amazon KDP is not mandatory but beneficial
Computer with internet connectivity
Patience in learning the correct skills
Familiarity with online platforms: It is beneficial for students to have experience using online platforms such social media platforms and e-commerce sites

I have an absolute passion for building multiple sources of passive income. My journey initially commenced back in late 2019 when I published my first book on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). At the end of year 1, I had published 10 books and the income being generated was over $6,000 USD p/month. I could see income being made 24/7! This was a HUGE eye-opener!What had I just created Passive Income Assets! Yes, these assets were hosted on multiple platforms, 24 hours per day and across the world. This was the most satisfying income I had ever generated because it was earned while I was asleep, on holiday, exercising, working or even focusing on other projects. It was hard to comprehend that books I published 12 months prior were still generating revenue and an additional income source.In 2021, I decided to expand my passive income streams beyond publishing books and create a YouTube Channel, an online course, a website and I also joined various Affiliate Programs in the niche of self-publishing.At last count, I now have 14 different sources of passive income. Not all passive income streams are equal though. Some may pay me $1,000s per month, others perhaps $20-$30. These streams of income provide time to do more of the things I love rather than being tied to a job and working 45-55 hours per week.Why this courseIf youve been a student of any of my previous courses or viewed my content, you know that I am passionate and get a thrill from sharing my experiences and challenges and ultimately, developing the steps to get you started. I have an educational background as a former school teacher so it just makes sense to create content that breaks down steps into easy-to-follow lessons so you can fast-track your learning.This course will take you from one or two passive income streams to 10+ income streams providing multiple sources of revenue.Lessons Include:1. Establishing a Plan to Grow and How the Model Works2. Maximizing Sales of your existing books across multiple formats and platforms3. Generating Passive Income through Affiliate Marketing4. Building a Mailing List for Effective Email Marketing5. Creating a YouTube Channel and Monetizing the Channel6. Creating Online Courses and Workshops7. Creating a Website and Blog Posts8. The POWER of Content and When and How to use it9. Tracking Your Income StreamsSTART your journey TODAYby building Multiple Streams of Income.

Section 1: Introduction – Passive Income Beyond Amazon KDP

Lecture 1 An Introduction to the course

Lecture 2 Building Multiple Streams of Income

Lecture 3 Establishing a Plan to Grow and How the Model Works

Lecture 4 Your Plan for Passive Income

Section 2: Examples of Ways to Expand Your Passive Income

Lecture 5 Maximizing Sales of your exisiting books across multiple formats and platforms

Lecture 6 Reviewing alternative platforms to publish beyond KDP

Lecture 7 Generating Passive Income through Affiliate Marketing

Lecture 8 Building a Mailing List for Effective Email Marketing

Lecture 9 Creating a YouTube Channel and Monetizing the Channel

Lecture 10 Creating Courses: Leveraging your expertise as an author

Lecture 11 Creating a Website and Blog Posts

Lecture 12 The POWER of Content and When and How to use it

Section 3: Your Long-Term Business Plan and Growth

Lecture 13 Developing a Long-Term Business Plan

Lecture 14 Tracking Your Income Streams

Section 4: Conclusion

Lecture 15 Farewell

Anyone who is looking to increase their passive income streams and earn additional income passively

HomePage: https://www.udemy.com/course/how-to-grow-your-passive-income/



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