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HashiCorp Nomad Enterprise 1.7.3 (x64)

Hashicorp Nomad Enterprise 1.7.3 (x64)
Hashicorp Nomad Enterprise 1.7.3 (x64)

File size: 51.6 MB

Deploy and manage any app on any cloud. Orchestrate containers, legacy workloads, and batch jobs.

A faster journey to modern application delivery
Nomad helps organizations to accelerate time-to-value, reduce operational overhead, and maximize infrastructure usage as they modernize their applications and application deployment workflow.

Accelerate time to value across your app portfolio
Reducing deployment time from days to minutes
Use a single workflow to deploy new and legacy applications across multiple data centers, regions, and clouds.

Increase operational efficiency
Manage 10,000+ nodes with less than 5 SREs
Serve hundreds of developers with a powerful orchestrator that fits within tight operational budget constraints.

Reduce infrastructure cost Up to 7x
Maximize resource utilization and reduce wasteful spending with intelligent workload scheduling, autoscaling, and dynamic application sizing.

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