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Flyerwrk – Isolated Adhesive Tape pieces

Flyerwrk - Isolated Adhesive Tape pieces
Flyerwrk - Isolated Adhesive Tape pieces
Flyerwrk - Isolated Adhesive Tape pieces

Isolated Adhesive Tape pieces

Quality sticks, and when it comes to quality designs our new adhesive tape PNGs are just what you need. When you want an advertising or promo campaign to stick in the mind of a viewer, then we recommend that you take a look at our new and improved adhesive tape collection here. With numerous images to pick from in rich PNG conditioning, you can get all the information that you need put together in a short, simple space of time.

Quality advertising often comes from being able to make the right kind of message stand out. To do that, you often need to be ready to use a variety of different props to make the message stick. What better choice than looking at our numerous tape styles

We have tapes in this package from black or grey duct tape, aluminium, packaging, cello tape and masking tape. Each one will make sure you have a stylish kind of design to include as part of your next ad campaign. From a witty finishing touch to a promo banner to a fine finish to an awareness campaign, these can be used in a whole host of different fashions. Just take a look and see what you have waiting for you: its perfect!

Isolated imagery that can be put to good use in just about context that you have in mind.
Crispy, satisfying edges that look great and can work in numerous situations and themes.
High quality, hand-cropped finishes that are excellent for using in advertising.
Rich 300DPI imagery ensures that each of these tape shots are perfectly detailed.
19x black duct tape, grey duct tape, aluminium, packaging and masking tape included.
Lots of choice and variety, with preview JPEG files making it easy to get inspired with.
Easy to adjust to and utilise PNG files that can be blended in with consummate ease.
Great for using as part of an art project, a promo campaign, or anything you wish.
Wrinkled designs mixed in with smooth, normal tape for use in any kind of shot.

This Product contains

– 27 x Pieces of Cello Tape (PSD + PNG Files)
– 19 x Pieces of Black Duct Tape (PNG Files)
– 19 x Pieces of Gray Duct Tape (PNG Files)
– 19 x Pieces of Aluminium Tape (PNG Files)
– 19 x Pieces of Packaging Tape (PNG Files)
– 19 x Pieces of Masking Tape (PNG Files)
– Preview Files

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