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Finding Innovant Projects Or Solutions With The Theory U

Published 11/2023
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A framework for leading profound change

What you’ll learn
Facilitate deep, transformative change
Improve deep listening, empathy, and an ability to suspend judgment
Develop a more open and creative mindset
Learning how accessing to the deeper levels of awareness and intuition
Knowwing how to adopt a a systemic perspective

No specific skills or tools is required except a notebook

Today, it’s not enough to create change at the level of symptoms and structures. We need to work even deeper, to change the underlying paradigms of thought, and to connect with our deeper sources of creativity and self. Theory U is a framework and method for how to do that. MStudying Otto Scharmer’s Theory U can offer several benefits, both personally and professionally. It provides a holistic approach to leadership and problem-solving. It integrates intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions, fostering a comprehensive understanding of challenges. The methodology of Theory U promotes innovation and creativity by encouraging participants to explore new perspectives, challenge existing mental models, and develop original solutions.A central aspect of Theory U is the "presencing" process, involving deep personal reflection and accessing a deeper source of knowledge. This can lead to significant personal transformation.Theory U advocates for a participatory and inclusive leadership style. It emphasizes the importance of deep listening, collaboration, and collective creation in addressing complex challenges. Developed as a framework to guide profound change, Theory U offers tools and insights that are valuable for organizational change management.Studying Theory U provides a unique and innovative approach to tackling complex challenges, fostering personal development, and promoting the creation of innovative solutions. It can be particularly valuable for individuals and organizations seeking to navigate change, foster innovation, and address issues in a holistic manner.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is Theory U About

Lecture 3 The 5 Steps of the Theory U

Lecture 4 Changing your Posture

Section 2: Step 1- Initiating the process of transformation

Lecture 5 Presentation of the stage of initiating

Lecture 6 The Iceberg Model

Lecture 7 Listening the Emerging Future

Lecture 8 Exercises

Section 3: Step 2 Sensing

Lecture 9 Presentation of the step 2 Sensing

Lecture 10 IMproving your listening skills

Lecture 11 Exescise Step 2 Sensing

Section 4: Step 3 Presencing

Lecture 12 Presentation of Step 6 Presencing

Lecture 13 Video on "a State of Grace’

Lecture 14 Crossing the Treshold

Lecture 15 Questions to Ask to Yourself

Lecture 16 The Anti-U Process

Lecture 17 Exercise on Journaling

Section 5: Step 4 and 5 Prototyping and Acting

Lecture 18 The Right Branch of the U

Lecture 19 The Success Keys of your Project or Action

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 20 Conclusions and Additional Resources

Leaders and managers, Change agents, consultants and coaches, Social activists, entrepreneurs, Individuals seeking personal growth

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