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Event Planning Customer Service

Event Planning Customer Service
Event Planning Customer Service
Published 11/2023
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Why customer support is crucial for event planning, How to handle customer complaints at events, Evaluating events etc.

What you’ll learn
Proven ways to increase your event attendance
Why customer support is crucial for modern event planning
How to create the wow factor in event customer service
How to create a long-time event planning timeline
A step-by step guide to charging for your event planning service
Evaluating the performance after the events
How to handle customer complaints at events
How can your team provide excellent customer service in event planning
How to handle customer complaints at events

No special requirement
Desire to learn more about event planning

Being an event planner and organizing events is not an easy job; it takes a lot of patience, focus, courage, determination, and other characteristics to successfully provide attendee satisfaction and fantastic experience to the business participants. In customer service, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. This quote truly captures the importance of making guests feel valued. There is no shortage of research out there discussing how essential customer experience is right now, and at the heart of those experiences is superior customer service, knowledgeable, friendly staff trumps all other aspects of your business. In fact 72% of guests who have a positive experience will share that information with friends, often naming the business responsible. It is very important to note that, customer experience will be very important than other factors when individuals choose between two brands. Every event manager or company must ensure that their staff are well trained to serve customers effectively, customers are always right. From preparation to the finishing of any event need careful planning. When you start planning an event, one of the first thing you should do is figure out your planning timeline. It is very important to outline the months and weeks leading up to the big day. This way, you will meet a very important deadlines and also stay within your budget.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 How can your team provide excellent customer service in event planning

Lecture 3 Event planning skills you need for success

Lecture 4 Customer service skills you need for event coordinator

Lecture 5 Top recommendations to plan a perfect event

Lecture 6 Sales promotion ideas for your event planning business

Section 2: Why Customer Support Is crucial For Modern Event Planning

Lecture 7 Why is attendee support important at event

Lecture 8 what kind of event support do guest expect at your event

Lecture 9 What are the most important aspect of attendee support

Lecture 10 Ways event planners can provide better support for attendees

Section 3: Proven Ways To Increase Your Event Attendance

Lecture 11 Understand why your audience want to attend in the first place

Lecture 12 Offer incentives for early registration or arrivals

Lecture 13 Send personal invite

Lecture 14 Keep attendees excited

Lecture 15 Get the media to cover your event

Lecture 16 Invest in professional photograph

Lecture 17 Connect speakers with attendees

Section 4: How To Create The Wow Factor In event Customer service

Lecture 18 Great first impression

Lecture 19 The customer journey

Lecture 20 Be attentive

Lecture 21 Do not keep people waiting

Lecture 22 Personal touches

Lecture 23 Surpass expectation

Section 5: How To Create A Long-Time Event Planning Timeline

Lecture 24 What is long-time event planning timeline

Lecture 25 Event planning timeline creation tips

Lecture 26 What should be on your event planning timeline

Section 6: A Step-By Step Guide To Charging For Your Event Planning Service

Lecture 27 Research what your competitors are charging

Lecture 28 Determine your idea salary

Lecture 29 Determine your realistic hourly rate

Lecture 30 Add in your cost

Section 7: Service Matters: Customer Service And Event Management

Lecture 31 What is guest experience and why does it matters

Lecture 32 How customer service help create guest experience

Lecture 33 Five customer service mistakes

Lecture 34 Five easy customer service wins

Lecture 35 How event planning can help create amazing guest experience

Section 8: Evaluating The Performance After Events

Lecture 36 What is event evaluation

Lecture 37 What is the importance of event evaluation

Lecture 38 How do you evaluate an event

Lecture 39 What survey tools to use

Section 9: Conclusion

Lecture 40 How to handle customer complaints at events

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