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Empowerment In Motion: Mastering Transformational Leadership

Empowerment In Motion: Mastering Transformational Leadership
Empowerment In Motion: Mastering Transformational Leadership

Published 3/2024
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Understanding the Keys to Becoming a Transformational Leader

What you’ll learn
Understanding and Empowerment in Leadership
Understanding Leadership
How to incorporate Transformational Leadership Behaviors
Nurturing and Supporting Others through P+I+A+P+C = M formula
Sustaining Transformational Leadership
Defining your own style of leadership
Understand that leadership is not about titles or position.

No experience in the subject of leadership is required as you will gain knowledge and understanding of leadership in the course.

Empowerment in Motion:Mastering Transformational LeadershipThis comprehensive, self-paced course titled ‘Empowerment in Motion: Mastering Transformational Leadership will offer students the Keys to Becoming a Transformational Leader’; participants will delve into the fundamental principles and practices necessary for harnessing their leadership potential and driving positive change within themselves and their organizations. Throughout the course, individuals will gain a deeper understanding of transformative leadership, its essential components, and the key strategies required for practical application. Core topics such as effective communication, building trust and collaboration, motivation and empowerment, and fostering a culture of strong relationships between leaders and followers will be explored. The course will also feature real-life examples of leaders and stories illustrating the impact of leadership actions and behaviors. By examining various leadership styles and approaches, participants will develop a comprehensive knowledge of promoting positive change, inspiring others, and achieving organizational goals. The course will also provide a learning environment that encourages participants to reflect on their leadership style and identify areas for growth. By the end, participants will have the tools and knowledge required to lead authentically and create lasting impact in their professional environments by understanding the keys that will help them become more effective and transformational leaders.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction Opening

Section 2: Understanding Leadership

Lecture 2 Overview of Leadership

Lecture 3 Tale of Unconventional Leadership

Section 3: Leadership Defined

Lecture 4 Defining Leadership Lecture

Lecture 5 Defining Leadership

Lecture 6 Leadership-Born or Made

Section 4: Understanding to Realization: A Journey of Empowerment and Influence

Lecture 7 Empowerment in Leadership

Lecture 8 Empowerment and Influence: Keys to Effective Leadership

Lecture 9 A refresher on Empowerment and Influence

Lecture 10 A Short Brief on Inspirational and Empowering Leadership

Section 5: The Power of Influence

Lecture 11 Influential Leadership

Lecture 12 Understanding the role of Influence in Leadership

Section 6: Action and Motivation: Keys to Getting Things Done

Lecture 13 Motivation in Leadership

Lecture 14 Action + Motivation the art of getting things done

Section 7: Leadership Styles

Lecture 15 A Short Brief on Leadership Styles

Lecture 16 Leadership Styles-Introduction

Lecture 17 Style: Do Leaders Possess Innate Abilities, or Are They Cultivated

Lecture 18 A Short Introduction to Leadership Styles and Theory

Lecture 19 Real World Application of Leadership Styles

Lecture 20 Summary of Leadership Styles for Personal Development

Section 8: Effective Leadership

Lecture 21 Leadership Effectiveness

Lecture 22 Understanding Effective Leadership

Section 9: Transformational Leadership: Building a Vision, Inspiring and Motivating others

Lecture 23 Transformational Leadership: What is it

Lecture 24 Understanding Transformational Leadership

Section 10: Trust and Credibility

Lecture 25 Trust and Credibility two keys to becoming a Transformational Leader

Lecture 26 Trust and Credibility: Essential to true leadership

Section 11: Understanding Power, Purpose, Caring and Concern

Lecture 27 Power, Purpose, Caring and Concern-What is it

Lecture 28 The Dynamics of Power, Purpose, Caring and Concern

Lecture 29 The formula: P>I + A + P +C = M (The keys to Transformational Leadership)

Section 12: The Art of Communication in Leadership

Lecture 30 The Importance of Communication in Leadership

Lecture 31 Communication in Leadership: A Vital Pillar of Transformational Leadership

Section 13: Bring it all together

Lecture 32 Bring it all Together to becoming a Transformational Leader

Lecture 33 Bringing it all together

Section 14: Reference List

Lecture 34 Reference list

This course is for those currently in leadership roles, or those seeking to learn about leadership fundamentals.,Real world examples along with written resources on leadership will help students learn and understand key principles of leadership,Managers, supervisor, company CEO’s, law enforcement supervisors


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