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Core Concepts Of Modern Css 2023

Core Concepts Of Modern Css 2023
Core Concepts Of Modern Css 2023
Published 11/2023
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Learn every major CSS feature in a fast and fun way! Includes Flexbox, Grid, Media Queries, Animation and much more.

What you’ll learn
Animation, fonts, positioning strategies, box model, flexbox, grid … It’s all included!
Each major CSS feature has its own standalone section and can be completed on its own.
Master the fundamentals of CSS as well as advanced systems
Style websites that fit every screen using media queries
Tons of challenges and quizzes (including walkthroughs and solutions)
Apply the most recent features of CSS like nesting and layers
Successfully debug styling conflicts using browser developer tools

You only need a basic understanding of HTML

Save time by focusing on the concepts and start building your dream website!I firmly believe that learning the core concepts of a technology is enough to hit the ground running. That’s why this course is like no other and will spare you all unnecessary details you will hardly ever need in your programming career. Hence, you will breeze through the lessons and actually complete the entire course in no time.But this course doesnt stop there! It not only teaches you the core concepts but also provides helpful resources and essential debugging skills to solve any styling issues. So, if you encounter a special case this course did not cover, you are well-equipped to find a solution effortlessly on your own. The ability to solve problems independently is a fundamental skill every programmer absolutely needs to succeed.Upon completion you will be confident to take on any CSS task!What’s the best thing about this courseEvery major CSS feature has its dedicated section and can be completed on its own.Are you a complete beginner Then I recommend starting with the section about CSS basics.Are you already familiar with the fundamentals like selectors, units and specificity Then you can freely decide what feature you would like to learn next. You could jump straight into advanced layout systems like flexbox and the CSS grid, or immediately start learning about animations or positioning strategies or responsive design. The choice is yours!Almost every section comes with a quiz and an exercise to cement your newly gained knowledge. Of course, solutions and walkthroughs are provided.Join me on this exciting journey! I am looking forward to seeing you.

Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 How to navigate this course

Lecture 2 Checklist: getting started

Section 2: CSS Basics

Lecture 3 Intro: The CSS pattern

Lecture 4 Combine HTML and CSS

Lecture 5 Color, Text and shorthands

Lecture 6 Property overload

Lecture 7 Coding challenge: your first css exercise!

Lecture 8 Selectors

Lecture 9 CSS cascade and specificity

Lecture 10 Combinators and combinations

Lecture 11 Pseudo classes and pseudo elements

Lecture 12 Code challenge: style a sign-up form

Lecture 13 Sizes and units

Lecture 14 Inheritance

Lecture 15 Summary

Section 3: Box Model

Lecture 16 Intro

Lecture 17 Content box

Lecture 18 Border

Lecture 19 Padding

Lecture 20 Margin

Lecture 21 Display property

Lecture 22 Coding challenge: box model

Lecture 23 Summary

Section 4: Positioning elements

Lecture 24 Intro: document flow and positioning context

Lecture 25 Position properties

Lecture 26 Positioning with percentages

Lecture 27 Overflow property

Lecture 28 Stacking context and z-index

Lecture 29 Coding challenge: positioning

Lecture 30 Summary

Section 5: Fonts

Lecture 31 Intro

Lecture 32 Generic families and font families

Lecture 33 Browser font loading behavior

Lecture 34 Font faces

Lecture 35 Coding challenge: implementing a google font

Lecture 36 Summary

Section 6: Background images

Lecture 37 Intro

Lecture 38 Background basics

Lecture 39 Position property and multiple backgrounds

Lecture 40 Bonus: filter and gradients

Lecture 41 Coding challenge: backgrounds

Lecture 42 Summary

Section 7: Responsive websites

Lecture 43 Intro

Lecture 44 Viewport meta tag

Lecture 45 Media queries

Lecture 46 Coding challenge: add media queries

Lecture 47 Summary

Section 8: Flexbox

Lecture 48 Intro

Lecture 49 Flex container

Lecture 50 Flex items

Lecture 51 Order and align-self

Lecture 52 Coding challenge: login form

Lecture 53 Summary

Section 9: CSS Grid

Lecture 54 Intro

Lecture 55 Basic grid properties

Lecture 56 Named templates

Lecture 57 Positioning elements in the grid

Lecture 58 Implicit grid

Lecture 59 Coding challenge: style a shopping list

Lecture 60 Summary

Section 10: Transforming and animating elements

Lecture 61 Intro

Lecture 62 Transforming elements

Lecture 63 Transitions

Lecture 64 Animations

Lecture 65 Coding challenge: your first animation

Lecture 66 Summary

Section 11: Modern CSS: Tips and tricks

Lecture 67 Intro

Lecture 68 Variables

Lecture 69 Nesting

Lecture 70 Layers

Lecture 71 Summary

Section 12: Goodbye

Lecture 72 What’s next

Complete beginners that want to start their CSS journey,Developers with a basic understanding of CSS and now want to dive deeper into certain topics,Industry professionals whose CSS knowledge got a bit rusty and need a refresher

HomePage: https://www.udemy.com/course/core-concepts-of-modern-css/


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