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Career & Life Skills : Personal Development & Transformation

Career & Life Skills : Personal Development & Transformation
Career & Life Skills : Personal Development & Transformation

Published 2/2024
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Improve your career and life skills by learning important skills to help you in personal development and transformation

What you’ll learn
Define and discuss effective communication and negotiation skills
Assess your own strengths and weaknesses
Identify and practise time management skills
Exercise critical thinking and decision making skills
Know more on emotional intelligence and learn how to manage your money
Define leadership and know how to set sound goals
Define stress and exercise stress management skills
Learn and interprete the case study under each life skill
Apply problem solving and decision-making in real life
Learn skills to manage your money
Be aware of important etiquette skills
Learn communication and public speaking skills
learn how to boast self esteem

No any experience needed. Just a positive mind to learn.

This is a course for everyone as it is designed for individuals who are looking to develop essential career and life skills for personal development and transformation. It is perfect for students at the college or university level, as well as for working professionals aiming to enhance their personal and professional skills.Moreover, the course is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, and resilience. It also provides valuable knowledge and practical skills that can be applied to various aspects of life and work.The course covers a wide range of career skills including negotiation, networking, professionalism, leadership, collaboration and adaptability skills.In addition, life skills such as self-esteem, self-awareness, stress management, empathy, decision-making, problem-solving, time management, communication, public speaking, critical thinking, etiquette, and self-control will be taught.By learning you shall make a step forward to :1) Developing effective communication skills, including active listening and public speaking to enhance career prospects and build meaningful relationships in both personal and professional settings2) Acquiring essential time management, self-control, effective decision-making, goal setting, and problem-solving skills to enhance productivity and success in one’s career and personal life3) Gaining critical thinking skills, negotiation, adaptability, and self-control skills to navigate and make informed decisions, fostering resilience and adaptability in a constantly evolving world4) Cultivating emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and self-esteem to manage emotions, build empathy, and foster positive relationships, leading to improved leadership and collaboration skills5) Learning literacy, budgeting skills to effectively manage your money, personal finance, make informed investment decisions, and plan for long-term economic security and stabilityThis course is for everyone seeking life and career knowledge. Knowledge is never enough, and this course will enhance the way you live and interact with others in a more meaningful manner.Win for your life and career today!

Section 1: Introduction To Career and Life Skills

Lecture 1 Introduction to the course

Lecture 2 Definition and categories of Career and Life skills

Lecture 3 Benefits of Career and Life skills

Lecture 4 Case Study on career and Life skills

Section 2: Career Skill 1 : Networking Skills

Lecture 5 Using Social Media for networking

Lecture 6 Networking etiquette and best practices

Lecture 7 Leveraging Professional Organizations and events

Lecture 8 Case Study on Networking Skills

Section 3: Career Skill 2 : Negotiation Skills

Lecture 9 Definition and Importances of Negotiation Skills

Lecture 10 Situations that Require Negotiation Skills

Lecture 11 Negotiation Techniques

Lecture 12 Values associated with Negotiation Skills

Lecture 13 Case Study on Negotiation Skills

Section 4: Career Skill 3 : Professionalism Skills

Lecture 14 Dressing for success and Workplace attire

Lecture 15 Workplace ethics and honesty

Lecture 16 Conflict resolution in workplace

Lecture 17 Building a professional brand and reputation

Lecture 18 Case Study on Professionalism Skills

Section 5: Career Skill 4 : Leadership Skills

Lecture 19 Setting goals and motivating others

Lecture 20 Delegating tasks and empowering team members

Lecture 21 Coaching and developing others

Lecture 22 Inspiring and influencing others

Lecture 23 Case Study on Leadership Skills

Section 6: Career Skill 5 : Collaboration Skills

Lecture 24 Team building and cooperation

Lecture 25 Effective team communication

Lecture 26 Building trust and fostering team work

Lecture 27 Case Study on Collaboration Skills

Section 7: Career Skill 6 : Adaptability Skills

Lecture 28 Flexibility and Openness to change

Lecture 29 Problem Solving in unpredictive situations

Lecture 30 Adapting to new technologies, industry trends and developments

Lecture 31 Case Study on Adaptability Skills

Section 8: Assignment 1 : Assignment on Career Skills

Section 9: Life Skill 1 : Self Esteem Skills

Lecture 32 Signs of high and low esteem

Lecture 33 Signs of High Self-Esteem

Lecture 34 Signs of Low self esteem

Lecture 35 Effects of low esteem

Lecture 36 Importances of high self-esteem

Lecture 37 How to boast self esteem

Lecture 38 Case Study on self-esteem

Section 10: Life Skill 2 : Self Awareness Skills

Lecture 39 Strengths and weaknesses of self awareness

Lecture 40 Personal values, beliefs, goals and ambitions

Lecture 41 Challenges that hinders attainment of life goals

Lecture 42 Strategies to overcome the challenges

Lecture 43 Case Study on self-awareness

Section 11: Life Skill 3 : Stress Management Skills

Lecture 44 Definition, causes and effects of stress

Lecture 45 How to cope with stress

Lecture 46 Positive stress and values associated with it

Lecture 47 Case Study on stress management

Section 12: Life Skill 4 : Empathy Skills

Lecture 48 Definition and Importances of empathy skills

Lecture 49 Difference between empathy and sympathy

Lecture 50 Values associated with empathy

Lecture 51 Case Study on empathy

Section 13: Life Skill 5 : Effective Decision Making Skills

Lecture 52 Situations that require decision making

Lecture 53 Challenges facing youth in decision making

Lecture 54 Factors influencing decision making

Lecture 55 Steps to effective decision making

Lecture 56 Decision making institutions in a community

Lecture 57 Values associated with decision making

Lecture 58 Case Study on decision making skills

Section 14: Life Skill 6 : Problem Solving Skills

Lecture 59 Courses of Problem Solving

Lecture 60 Tools of Problem Solving

Lecture 61 Problem Solving process

Lecture 62 Case Study on problem solving skills

Section 15: Life Skill 7 : Time Management Skills

Lecture 63 Definition and work schedule

Lecture 64 Time management charts

Lecture 65 Importances of Time Management

Lecture 66 Case Study on Time Management Skills

Section 16: Life Skill 8. Financial Competence Skills

Lecture 67 Budgeting and financial planning

Lecture 68 Basic investment and saving strategies

Lecture 69 Managing Personal and Business Expenses

Lecture 70 Case Study on Financial Competence Skills

Section 17: Life Skill 9 : Communication And Public Speaking skills

Lecture 71 Methods of Communication

Lecture 72 Active listening and verbal communication skills

Lecture 73 Creating and delivering effective presentations

Lecture 74 Nonverbal Communication Cues and Body language

Lecture 75 Case Study on communication and public speaking skills

Section 18: Life Skill 10 : Critical Thinking Skills

Lecture 76 Analyzing and interpreting data

Lecture 77 Logic reasoning and argumentation

Lecture 78 Decision making skills

Lecture 79 Evaluating and Synthesizing information

Lecture 80 Case Study on Critical Thinking Skills

Section 19: Life Skill 11 : Basic Etiquette Skills

Lecture 81 Business dining etiquette

Lecture 82 Office Decorum and manners

Lecture 83 Phone and voicemail etiquette

Lecture 84 Networking event etiquette

Lecture 85 Case Study on basic etiquette skills

Section 20: Life Skill 12 : Self Control Skills

Lecture 86 Emotional intelligence

Lecture 87 Resilience and perseverance

Lecture 88 Dealing with pressure and deadlines

Lecture 89 Self control and emotional intelligence

Lecture 90 Case Study on self control skills

Section 21: Life skills Assignment

Section 22: Thank You

Lecture 91 Thank You

Beginners and those who want to further their skills and knowledge in day to day life,Those already in profession and want to get extra skills,A career or life Skill teacher who want to add some information


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