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Building Trust With Your Spirit Guides & Their Messages

Building Trust With Your Spirit Guides & Their Messages
Building Trust With Your Spirit Guides & Their Messages
Published 11/2023
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Harness the power of your spirit guides to achieve your true potential and unleash your personal magic

What you’ll learn
Discover the many hang ups that keep you from truly connecting to your guides and other beings
Receive activations and new mindset shifts that will transform how you work and connect to the spirit realm
Connect with your guides immediately with easy techniques you can apply effortlessly
Uncover practices you can apply to build deeper trust with your guides and the information you receive
Meet one, or a few!, of your own guides and receive messages directly from them
Receive soul and chakra activations as well as aura cleanses
Understand the best ways to ask questions of your guides to receive powerful and accurate answers
Learn how to work with inaccurate information from your guides and gain great value from them anyways, so you cant lose!
Know what to do when you get boring, repetitive, and mundane answers from your guides
Get answers to which guides and beings to work with and when
Receive guidance directly from your own guides, angels, higher self, ancestors, and akashic records
Be more connected to your own psychic abilities

Desire to connect more deeply with your guides, higher self, angels, ancestors, and psychic abilities
Interest in receiving activations and chakra cleansings and alignments
Notebook and pen for notetaking
1.5 hours / week to meditate

Hello beautiful soul! If you have found yourself here, you likely know that our connection to our spirit guides is a sacred one. If you have been struggling to connect with yours, or to connect with them as deeply as you would like, then you have found yourself in the right place.The truth is, connecting to your spirit guides is easy. That may sound incredulous, but really, what makes it hard is:Our lack of trust in the process, andThe ego minds belief that such beautiful things must be hard to attain.For this reason, this course is not just about spirit guides and the many types you can work with. Instead, this course also focuses on:The many hang ups we have on this journeyNew mindset shifts that will release those hang ups, andWill transform you on deep soul levels,Building trust in our guides and our connection to them, andSo much moreWorking with your spirit guides will awaken not only your connection to them. But also your connection to your higher self, angels, ancestors, mediumship, intuition, and psychic gifts. Connecting with your guides is the gateway to not only:A relationship with a best friend who knows you in and out,Who wants the best for you, andAlways wants to hear from youIt is also the gateway to your own deepest wisdom, your compass in life, and your connection to the magic of the universe and all of its beings. Ireally don’t know where I would be without mine. So let’s get you connected to yours! Photo credit:Shawn Suttle

Section 1: Welcome!

Lecture 1 Introduction, What to Expect, & What You’ll Need

Lecture 2 What You Can Look Forward to in This Course!

Section 2: Spirit Guide Mastery

Lecture 3 How to Connect to Your Spirit Guides, Part 1

Lecture 4 The Magic is In You

Lecture 5 What are Guides & Forms They Can Show Up As

Lecture 6 Getting Ready to Meet Your Guide

Lecture 7 Working with Multi-Dimensional Information & Interpreting Your Guides’ Messages

Lecture 8 How to Connect to Your Spirit Guides, Part 2

Section 3: Building Trust & Overcoming Doubt

Lecture 9 Overcome Doubt with Your Psychic Abilities and Spirit Guides

Lecture 10 Preparing to Build Trust with Your Guide

Section 4: Fine-Tuning Your Connection to Your Spirit Guides

Lecture 11 The Right Way to Ask Your Spirit Guides Questions

Lecture 12 Getting Inaccurate Answers from Your Spirit Guides & Readings

Lecture 13 How to Get Accurate Answers from Your Spirit Guides

Section 5: Common Questions When Working with Spirit Guides

Lecture 14 Getting Boring, Repetitive, and Mundane Messages from Your Guides

Lecture 15 Which Guides & Beings to Work With

Lecture 16 Ways You Can Work with Your Guides

Section 6: Wrap Up

Lecture 17 Congratulations!

Those wanting to build deeper or new relationships with their guides & access their own inner wisdom for life,Anyone wanting to build deeper connections with their intuition, soul, and deeper aspects of themselves,Lightworkers, empaths, indigo adults, crystal adults, starseeds, starchildren, priestesses, earth angels, angels incarnate, witches

HomePage: https://www.udemy.com/course/spirit-guides/


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