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Basics Of Accounting: Journal Entries: Debit And Credit

Basics Of Accounting: Journal Entries: Debit And Credit
Basics Of Accounting: Journal Entries: Debit And Credit

Published 2/2024
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Learn Journal entry accounting, How to pass journal entries, Fundamentals of Accounting, debit and credit

What you’ll learn
Basics of accounting
How to pass journal entries
Debit and credit accounting
Practice problems

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The course Basics of Accounting: Journal entries: Debit and Credit focusses on enabling the students how to pass journal entries, what is meant by double entry system of accounting, what is the differences between double entry system of accounting and single entry system of accounting, types of different accounts, real accounts, nominal accounts, and personal accounts, golden rules of accounting, rule 1, rule 2 and rule 3, how the golden rules of accounting is used to identify the debits and credits and what each rule states, practical problems on golden rules of accounting, accrual, how to pass journal entries for accruals, adjusting entries, how to pass different types of adjusting entries, a set of practical problems covering all discussed topics and concepts in the course etc. The course is designed in a way such that the very basic learner gets the maximum knowledge out of it. The course is precise and explanatory. The course will help those who are struggling with the basics of accounting.If a student is well versed with the journal entries, accounting will become easy for them. They can master accounting. This course can be saved for future reference and used for quick revision during the examination times.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Double entry system of accounting

Lecture 2 Concept

Lecture 3 Golden Rules of accounting

Lecture 4 Golden Rules

Section 3: Accruals

Lecture 5 Accruals

Section 4: Adjusting entries

Lecture 6 Adjusting entries

Section 5: Conclusion & Practice problems

Lecture 7 Conclusion & Practice problems

All levels of Accounting and Finance students


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