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Basic Conversational Turkish (A1)

Basic Conversational Turkish (A1)
Basic Conversational Turkish (A1)
Published 11/2023
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Learn how to speak Turkish like a native

What you’ll learn
learn starter Turkish grammar
learn to understand small talks
learn the Turkish pronunciation
learn the Turkish vocabulary needed to for basic conversations

no specific requirement

This 15-lesson online course teaches conversational Turkish for absolute beginners at the A1 CEFR level. Each lesson focuses on vocabulary, grammar, and cultural knowledge for a different daily theme. Through short dialogues, you’ll learn how native Turkish speakers talk about topics like introductions, ordering food, transportation, shopping, and more in everyday situations. The conversations allow you to hear authentic Turkish. Explanations break down key language points and cultural notes from the dialogues. Comprehension exercises let you check your understanding as you progress through the material. By completing this course, you’ll have learned essential polite expressions, vocabulary, verbs, and grammar to begin speaking conversational Turkish. With the focus on colloquial, everyday language, you’ll gain confidence having real conversations at your own pace. The lessons teach natural Turkish as people speak it, not just formal textbook language. To support your learning journey, the instructor provides clear explanations, written transcripts, and translations. You’ll finish with fundamental skills to start conversing in colloquial Turkish.After completing the lessons, put your skills into action for the final project. Record a 2-3 minute video conversation introducing yourself, describing your family, and talking about your daily routine all in Turkish. You’ll get feedback from other learners in the community. This is a great way to practice conversational Turkish and show off what you learned!The conversational approach with authentic dialogues will prepare you to use Turkish in everyday situations as a beginner. Sign up for Basic Conversational Turkish Language for A1 Students today!

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Part 1- small talks

Lecture 2 Greeting

Lecture 3 Formal speaking

Lecture 4 Let’s go

Section 3: Part 2- Presentation

Lecture 5 My teacher

Lecture 6 What’s his name

Lecture 7 New student

Section 4: Part 3 – Start to Talk

Lecture 8 It’s cold!

Lecture 9 Excuse me!

Lecture 10 take care!

Lecture 11 Birthday

Section 5: Part 4 – Ask a Question

Lecture 12 what to eat

Lecture 13 how much

Lecture 14 why sad

Section 6: Part 5 – Talk more!

Lecture 15 Here you are!

Lecture 16 Come in!

anyone interested in Turkish language

HomePage: https://www.udemy.com/course/basic-conversational-turkish-a1/


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