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Agile Requirements Analysis

Agile Requirements Analysis
Agile Requirements Analysis
Agile Requirements Analysis
Published 5/2024
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Learn the essentials of Agile / Scrum and how to apply them on systems development projects.

What you’ll learn
The Agile Manifesto, Agile Principles and how to apply them to systems development projects.
Agile team roles and how to be an effective member of an Agile development team.
Stakeholder Analysis – how to get business representatives involved and engaged in an Agile project.
How to select and apply fact finding techniques that are appropriate for an Agile project.
How to gather and document business requirements and produce User Stories.
How to use prototypes or wire-frames to analyse and confirm business requirements.

No previous Agile knowledge or experience needed.

If you want to learn the essentials of Agile and how to apply them to systems development projects this course will help you. You will also be able to learn what you need in a reasonable space of time.You may be a Business Analyst, Systems Developer, Project Manager or other Agile team member. Or you might be looking to transition from "traditional" methods to an Agile approach.The course explains the philosophy, terminology and method in simple business terms. It is highly practical and based around a realistic case study.So you will learn some useful new skills and how to apply them in practice. It will also help if you are studying for professional exams (such as ICAGILE Fundamentals or BCS Agile Foundation) , or preparing for the interview for your first Agile project role.What You Will LearnAgile Principles and the Agile Framework – and how you can make these work on projects.Agile Team Roles and what role might suit you best.Agile Stakeholder Analysis and techniques so you can do this effectively.Agile Requirements Analysis discovery, analysis, prioritisation and implementation.Fact Finding Techniques how to find stuff out.User Stories how to express requirements in simple terms so that you can meet them.Prototyping making requirements real for users and getting their input.So – if you want to learn something useful, that you can apply in practice, and will help to develop your career in Agile Systems and Project Management – please dive in and join the course. I look forward to working with you!

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Guide

Section 2: Agile Projects

Lecture 3 The Agile Framework Part 1 – Manifesto

Lecture 4 The Agile Framework Part 2 – Requirements

Section 3: Agile Requirements

Lecture 5 Anytown College – Business Scenario – Part One

Lecture 6 Anytown College – Business Scenario – Part Two

Lecture 7 Anytown College – Project Brief

Lecture 8 Agile Requirements – Part One

Lecture 9 Agile Requirements – Part Two

Section 4: Agile Teams

Lecture 10 Agile Teams

Lecture 11 Agile Team Roles

Lecture 12 Agile Stakeholders – Part One

Lecture 13 Agile Stakeholders – Part Two

Section 5: Agile Fact Finding

Lecture 14 Fact Finding – Principles

Lecture 15 Fact Finding – Investigation

Lecture 16 Fact Finding – Planning

Lecture 17 Fact Finding – Techniques

Section 6: Agile User Stories

Lecture 18 User Stories

Lecture 19 User Stories – Case Study – Part One

Lecture 20 User Stories – Case Study – Part Two

Section 7: Agile Prototyping

Lecture 21 Agile Prototyping – Part 1

Lecture 22 Agile Prototyping – Part 2

Lecture 23 Agile Prototyping – Part 3

Section 8: Course Review

Lecture 24 Course Review

Systems Developers and Business Analysts who will be members of an Agile development team.,Project Managers and Team Leaders who will be managing Agile projects and teams.,Scrum Masters and Product Owners who will be facilitating Agile projects.,Business Stakeholders or other Agile team members who will be working on Agile projects.


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