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Advanced Squash Skills And Drills

Advanced Squash Skills And Drills
Advanced Squash Skills And Drills

Published 2/2024
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featuring Coach Roy Ollier

What you’ll learn
Learn diverse squash serving techniques for a competitive edge on the court.
Develop strategies to counter opponents’ serves, a crucial aspect highlighted by Roy Ollier.
Engage in targeted drills to enhance footwork, agility, and stroke mechanics for an all-encompassing improvement in your squash game.
Tap into Roy Ollier’s 35-year squash career and coaching expertise to absorb winning strategies, essential for aspiring squash players and coaches alike.

It is best to take the Roy Ollier Beginning Squash course prior to taking this course.

Elevate your squash game to new heights by delving into the expertise of the esteemed professional, Roy Ollier. Unleash the potential within you with his comprehensive video, a treasure trove of techniques, training methodologies, and strategic insights that are indispensable for anyone aspiring to be a champion in the world of squash. This instructional masterpiece spans a myriad of crucial topics, ranging from mastering diverse serves to perfecting the art of the return of serve. Dive into numerous drills meticulously designed to enhance your footwork, agility, and stroke mechanics, unlocking the secrets to a formidable squash game.Roy Ollier, the maestro behind this transformative guide, boasts a squash career spanning over 35 illustrious years. His impressive track record includes clinching victory in more than 100 tournaments, notably securing titles in the Australian, U.S, and Canadian Masters Championships. Roy’s prowess extends to facing off against seven World Champions, solidifying his status as a squash luminary. Transitioning seamlessly into coaching, Roy has imparted his extensive knowledge to players across all levels, from beginners to elite competitors and National Teams, making this DVD an invaluable training resource for anyone serious about excelling in the dynamic realm of squash. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of a true squash virtuoso and propel your game to unprecedented levels of excellence.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 The Serve

Lecture 3 Return of Serve

Lecture 4 Individual Drills

Lecture 5 Partner Drills

Lecture 6 Practice Game

Lecture 7 Closing Comments

The course is intended for coaches and serious squash players.


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