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Adhd In Children: The Best Everyday Strategies From Dr Dan

Published 11/2023
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Tips from a pediatrician on how to help a child’s attention and hyperactivity.

What you’ll learn
A complete list of practical strategies to help your child’s ADHD
Designed and tested by parents to help in their everyday life
By implementing these strategies, you will have provided your child with the best opportunities for non-medication support in managing their ADHD
An overview of the different ways a professional can manage a child’s ADHD

To be a carer of a child experiencing problems from inattention or hyperactivity, and a willingness to help them thrive and reach their potential.

Do you want to know all the strategies to help your child’s ADHD symptoms at home and at school Then this is the course for you. We all want our children to thrive and reach their potential. In this comprehensive course, i will give you the best strategies and tools to help children with ADHD reach their potential.Whether or not your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, this course can help if they often:stand up and move around, even when expected to be seatedtalk lots or interrupt others during conversations and activitiesfind it hard to wait their turnstruggle to stay focused during converstaionsare easily distracted will engaged in work or playare disorganised with tasks and responsibilitiesleave tasks or assignmetn unfinished with careless errorslose items and are forgetful in daily routines. But we also need to remember to build upon the many strengths of children with ADHD, like creativity, spontaneity, high energy with big imaginations. As an experience pediatrician and published child mental health researcher, I have compiled these strategies from muy professional experience, personal experience, and interactions with many families. Often, I only have alimited window of time with families during appointments. However, in this course, you will gain access to the invaluable resources that I have foun dmost effective but wish I had more time to share with all families. By enrolling in this course, you will discover practical strategies to implement at home,s chool and in social settings to help address ADHD-related challenges. These strategies encompass behaviour management, academics, social skills development, emotional regulation and resilience to foster a supportive environment to help your child not just survive but THRIVE!

Section 1: Introduction to ADHD in children

Lecture 1 Understanding ADHD: what it is, why it happens, and how it can impact a child.

Lecture 2 Recognising ADHD: the common signs and symptoms of ADHD

Lecture 3 How ADHD can impact a child’s education, relationships and home life

Section 2: ADHD diganosis and treatment

Lecture 4 Getting an ADHD diagnosis

Lecture 5 An overview of ways to help a child with their ADHD

Section 3: Strategies to Overcome Everyday Challenges Faced by Children with ADHD

Lecture 6 Strategies to help in the classroom

Lecture 7 Strategies to help them with their homework

Lecture 8 Strategies to help with day to day life at home

Section 4: Strategies to help common problems associated with ADHD

Lecture 9 ADHD and emotional regulation

Lecture 10 ADHD and managing their behaviour

Lecture 11 ADHD and building their self-confidence, resilience and wellbeing

Lecture 12 ADHD and building their social skills

Section 5: Conclusion

Lecture 13 Conclusion and next steps

Carers of children experiecing problems from inattention, difficulty focusing, hyperactivity or impulse control issues. Children don’t have to be diagnosed with ADHD to benefit from the course.,Carers can be parents, grandparents, teachers or anyone else involved in helping modify the environment of children to help the child reach their potential.

HomePage: https://www.udemy.com/course/adhd-in-children/


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