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Acustica Audio Tiger Ultra 2023

Acustica Audio Tiger Ultra 2023
Acustica Audio Tiger Ultra 2023

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Tiger Mix Ultra Flat is the latest Acqua plugin (VST/VST3/AAX/AU) based on the third-generation Hyper technology and the New Aria engine. It represents one of the best high-quality compressor plug-in in the Acustica domain for the most demanding mixing engineers.

It aims to present the exceptional and now renowned Tiger Mix plugin in a new, enhanced graphic form, meeting Acustica’s latest quality and performance standards, which we summarize in one word, Ultra.

It encompasses the New Aria engine supporting the new dynamic and real-time metering displays, the powerful Anti-Aliasing and High-quality dithering algorithms and an exceptional collection of Acustica’s most celebrated compressors, now featured in an improved user-friendly 2D graphical interface to guarantee optimal ease of setup and control.

Key Features
Hyper 3 technology.
New Anti-Aliasing algorithm that significantly reduces the plugins aliasing issues.
New High-quality dithering algorithm with 8 different modes.
5 dithering bit depths modes.
New High-Quality Clipping Algorithm, Even More Efficient.
New Hyper Pre improvement with very low Aliasing.
New Aria engine supporting the new dynamic / real-time metering displays.
Advanced Metering System with Real-Time Waveform Display: A new visual interface that includes RMS Input-Output meters and GR meters, designed to swiftly identify peaks and extreme values in the audio signal. This feature allows you to keep a constant eye on the attenuation curve and the amount of plugin distortion /clipping. This is a significant addition, particularly beneficial for mixing and mastering, as it provides real-time insight into how your audio is performing and whether there are any obvious issues, such as excessive distortion.
The Knee display is used to show the compression static curve.
Visual Control and Precise Calibration: Tiger Mix Ultra Flat fits into a landscape of plugins that emphasize strong graphical components, offering the primary advantage of
providing a highly detailed view of audio information. This is particularly valuable for audio engineers seeking to finely adjust parameters with utmost precision, allowing for exact calibration of the available controls. For instance, when working on saturation in great detail, a detailed visualization is extremely useful. Furthermore, it proves beneficial when there is a need to adhere to specific technical adjustments or audio production standards.
Instant Feedback: Enhanced instant response of the controls, capable of providing immediate feedback on the impact of your adjustments, enabling you to make real time changes to the signal to achieve the desired sound quickly.
Easy to use and cool looking interface.
High quality oversampling, up to 16x (the highest and best on the market) with perfect phase response.
23 sampled, custom and super linear analog clipping modes available derived from TIGER.
2D Flat GUI.
Listening modes (, LR, M, S).
Great and distinctive sound.
Resizable and responsive GUI.
Several Presets available.

Whats New
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.


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